1/2" inch Pipe Insulation 180 Count Box Bulk
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Bulk 1/2 Inch Foam Pipe Insulation

Foam King Insulating Foam Copper Pipe Covers for 1/2" x36" Fire Retardant 180 Count Bulk

Foam King

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Stop wasting money on energy costs with Foam King Pipe Insulation. Foam King Pipe Insulation- Insulates hot and cold pipes: pre slit for easy attachment to your pipes. These foam pipe covers help to prevent winter freezing and summer sweating. Great for reducing plumbing noise and to reduce heat loss.
ID (nominal) 5/8inch; wall thickness 3/8 inch, fits copper pipe size 1/2 inch, fits iron pipe size 3/8 inch, R value = 2.2

Safe for temperatures from -90F to 180F degrees (-68C to 82C).

Flame Spread: Class A ASTM E84; CAN/ULC-S102.2-M88

Smoke Classification: Class A ASTM E84; CAN/ULC-S102.2-M88