3/4" inch Pipe Insulation 145 Count Box Bulk
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3/4 Inch Foam Pipe Insulation Bulk

Foam King Insulating Foam Copper Pipe Covers for 3/4" x36" Fire Retardant 145 Count Bulk

Foam King

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Stop wasting money on energy costs with Foam King Pipe Insulation. Foam King Pipe Insulation- Insulates hot and cold pipes: pre slit for easy attachment to your pipes. These foam pipe covers help to prevent winter freezing and summer sweating. Great for reducing plumbing noise and to reduce heat loss.
R value = 2.2

Safe for temperatures from -90F to 180F degrees (-68C to 82C).

Flame Spread: Class A ASTM E84; CAN/ULC-S102.2-M88

Smoke Classification: Class A ASTM E84; CAN/ULC-S102.2-M88