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Black Jumbo Pool Noodles 6-Count Pack

Black Jumbo Pool Noodles 6-Count Pack


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Bigger foam noodles mean bigger fun, which is why we sell our Black Jumbo Pool Noodles in a 6-count pack. Once you discover how versatile they are, you’ll want to have plenty on hand. Keep a few poolside, use them as bumpers in the garage, get creatively crafty with them… there are so many possibilities.

While our black pool noodles aren’t lifesaving devices, they are more buoyant than others, due to a proprietary polyethylene foam compound from Oodles of Noodles™. That makes them denser without using any harmful chemicals.

These are 55 inches long, have a 1-inch hollow core, and have an approximately 3 1/4-inch diameter. Size may vary slightly. Order jumbo pool noodles in bulk from today!