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Foam Back Rod

Expansion Joint Foam

Foam Back Rod & Expansion Joint Foam

Foam Noodles provides an extensive collection of foam back rods and expansion joint foam. These noodles are made of a closed-cell polyethylene foam that contains tiny bubbles that are sealed off from each other, giving it strength and rigidity not seen in standard open cell foam. Polyethylene foam is resistant to water, solvents, and petroleum products, and it’s antimicrobial as well, inhibiting the growth of mold, mildew, and bacteria. It easily returns to its original form after compression without eliminating the necessary cushion and security.

Our collection of foam back rods and expansion joint foam includes pre-caulking fillers, closed-cell backer rods, foam sheet rolls in both grey and blueinsulating foam pipe covers, extension joint foam, and more. You can find exactly what you need for your construction projects—no matter the size.

Our backer rods are our flexible pieces of foam used as a “backing” in joints or racks to control the amount of sealing or caulk you use, creating a backstop. We offer multiple sizes and diameters so that you can find the optimal fitting for your project. Our pre-caulking filler works in a similar way to help ensure that your caulking absorbs more movement and can stretch and compress without tearing or pulling away from the piping. Our foam sheet rolls can absorb shock and vibrations, acting as a barrier and as insulation within walls, among other functions. Our insulating pipe covers help keep your pipes from freezing in the winter months to ensure that they continue to work properly. Whatever your construction project is, we have tools that can make the job easier and give you better results.

We’ve curated a collection of foam back rods and expansion joint foam that you can apply to multiple heavy-duty situations, such as insulation, parking decks, and highway joints. Shop the collection today to keep your shop stocked and ready for whatever jobs may come.