FILL-RITE 3- or 4-Inch Expansion Joint -1/2"x (3"or 4") x 50'
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FILL-RITE 3- or 4-Inch Expansion Joint (1/2"x (3"or 4") x 50')


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FILL-RITE Construction Expansion Joint in 3” or 4” is a flexible, easy-to-install material for concrete expansion and isolation joints. Use the 1/2 inch x 4" 50 ft. roll for all your concrete projects.

Featuring a flexible, durable design, this expansion joint is also lightweight and easy to install. All rolls are perforated to easily be used in 3 inch height applications.

Foam Expansion Joint is used to fill the gaps between adjacent concrete foundations, footings, and slabs to prevent cracks in driveways, walkways, pool decking, concrete slabs, sidewalks, and other concrete slabs. Allowing expansion/contraction and vertical/horizontal movement. Will not absorb moisture that can freeze and expand.

This foam expansion joint is perforated, so it can also be used as 3”. Simply tear 1/2" off at top and bottom perforation.

If you would like to learn more about our concrete expansion joint forms, simply reach out to our team. The crew here at Foam Noodles is always happy to answer questions about our foam expansion joints!