3 Back-to-School Craft Ideas With Pool Noodles

3 Back-to-School Craft Ideas With Pool Noodles

3 Back-to-School Craft Ideas With Pool Noodles

We all had a long summer filled with splashing in the pool and having fun in the sun, so you might think the fun is over with your pool noodles, but we've only just begun. One of the best ways to get your kids back into the school mindset is to ignite creativity. Moreover, if you are a teacher, you can have these fun crafts in the classroom as decoration or let your students do them. Keep reading for some back-to-school craft ideas you can do with pool noodles.

Oodles of Noodles

With a whole school year to go, you want to ensure you have high-quality foam swimming noodles to make all these crafts and any others you think of. That is why you should shop with us at Honor Trading Company—we have oodles of noodles available for you to use throughout the year.

Pool Noodle Pencils

A funny pool noodle craft you can have in the classroom is to have a comically large pencil on display. The best part is that the young kids will love seeing this silly pencil, and it will get them excited to work on learning to write their letters. Here is what you'll need to do this craft:

  • Yellow and red foam noodles
  • Silver duct tape
  • Serrated knife
  • Black marker

How To

Cut your yellow foam noodles in thirds or halves, depending on how large you want your pencils; you can even use one whole noodle as a super large pencil. Cut your red foam noodle about four inches long to make your eraser. Use your duct tape to tape the eraser to your yellow pencil. Then, carefully cut away at the end of the foam to create a sharpened point, and use your marker to color in the sharp end.

Pool Noodle Monsters

One of the best ways to get the kids ready to work with their hands is to have them make pool noodle monsters—another great back-to-school craft idea, especially as Halloween approaches. To do this craft, gather a bunch of pool noodles in assorted colors and cut them with a serrated knife into seven-inch pieces. Then, gather kid-safe craft glue, googly eyes, chenille stems, feathers, and any other fun craft items, and challenge the kids to decorate the scariest or most creative monster.

Pool Noodle Alphabet

Learning the alphabet is a crucial building block for young children, and you can use pool noodles to make the process more fun. Cut pool noodles into medium to large pieces about five inches long; you will need 26 pieces. Then, use a marker to write each letter of the alphabet on each piece. You can then use a string to create a garland and place it in front of your classroom. However, the kids can also use the pieces to align them in order as they learn the alphabet.

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