SnakeWrap Foam Protection Wrap

Are you looking for a simple way to protect or cushion items around your house? Say goodbye to stubbing your toe on the edge of furniture or scraping your arm on the corner of a shelving unit. Our SnakeWrap foam protection wrap is easy to use, just wrap it around any shape or size and it will firmly attach itself with snake like constriction providing foam protection. Perhaps the best part is you can attach our foam protection without tape or glue. When you’re looking for a quick, effective solution, the multi-purpose wrap is just what you need in your tool kit or drawer. Handle any repairs or protection on the fly with SnakeWrap.

SnakeWrap Toe Protectors

Our SnakeWrap foam protection wrap makes it easy to handle any protection repairs or cushioning. Simply cut the foam with a kitchen knife to fit it to whatever you need to wrap it around. The coiled design ensures a tight fit without tools. Common uses for foam protection wrap include dock posts, roll bars, shelving, scaffolding, garages, ATVs, bikes, motorcycles, farm, cabin, boats, and so much more. When you work with high-quality foam protection, the options are truly endless. If you have questions, call us at (952) 855-4544. Order your favorite colors of SnakeWrap foam protection wrap today!