3 Benefits of Using Pool Noodles in Your Garden

3 Benefits of Using Pool Noodles in Your Garden

3 Benefits of Using Pool Noodles in Your Garden

Avid plant lovers will do anything to protect their vegetation. Fortunately, foam noodles are a surprising tool that significantly impacts gardens. Read the three benefits of using pool noodles in your garden, and utilize them in your space.

Plant Protection

Foam noodles protect delicate plants like cucumbers, tomatoes, and beans from trellises or cages in gardens. They provide a cushion from metal edges that can cut into vegetables or change their shape. There’s one way to implement plant protection in your garden. For starters, cut a pool noodle to fit the diameter of a tomato cage. Slice the noodle down one side to fit over the cage and create a foam barrier. Prevent crimping of other vegetables with a foam barrier too. Place pool noodles over fences, wire, metal, and trellises to support plants year round!

Pot Lining

The ability to act as pot liners is another benefit of using pool noodles in your garden. Typically, pots with dense soil have poor drainage with an uneven distribution of water. Plants can suffer from root rot and will eventually wilt. Luckily, foam noodles can prevent oversaturated pots and help you maintain healthy plants.

Cut foam noodles ¾ the height of your pots. Stand the noodles vertically inside pots, and spread soil mix over them. Fill in and around the holes to ensure even distribution of soil. The foam maintains moisture to keep soil cool and prevents rapid drying. You can use less water to nourish plants and avoid oversaturated pots.

Support System

Due to gusty winds or inclement weather, trees and tall plants can topple over. However, fruits and vegetables can weigh down greenery and cause permanent stem creases. You can cut sections of pool noodles around a plant or tree stems to support greenery. The protective barrier prevents breakage or uprooting. Furthermore, the barrier deters pests from nibbling on your plants. They’ll bite foam rather than fruits or vegetables and will leave your garden.

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