3 Exciting Pool Noodle Activities for Kids

3 Exciting Pool Noodle Activities for Kids

3 Exciting Pool Noodle Activities for Kids

If you ever played in a pool as a kid, it's likely that foam noodles were in tow as you used them to imagine fantastical worlds and games to play. It's amazing to think these unassuming noodles would have countless uses, from functional to plain old fun ones. Are you looking for more fun today? In that case, you need to know about some of the most exciting pool noodles activities the kids will love.

Pool Noodle Boats

Nighttime can always be challenging, as it's sometimes hard to get the kids into the bathroom to clean up for sleep. That’s why bath time can be such a stroke of luck when kids see the bath as more fun than anything. They can play and splash in the water to stay occupied. As such, you might consider making a fun and easy pool noodle boat they can play with in the bath. For this craft, you’ll need:

  • Pool noodles
  • Jumbo straws
  • Foam paper

Cut your pool noodle horizontally into about 3-inch-thick discs. Then cut your foam paper into a triangular shape. Once you’ve cut your noodle and paper, affix your jump straw vertically onto your pool noodle disc. Finally, poke your straw through your foam paper, and you’ll have a floating pool noodle boat.

Pool Noodle Rocket

One of the most exciting pool noodle activities for kids is none other than making and playing with a pool noodle rocket. The kids will love tossing these rockets around and seeing how far they can fly. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Jumbo pool noodle
  • Foam paper
  • Hot glue gun

Cut your jumbo pool noodle about 12 inches long horizontally. Cut your foam paper into a right-angle triangle. Then, use your hot glue gun to glue your foam paper triangles to the bottom of your foam noodle. All you have to do is wait for your noodle to dry, and you have a rocket.

There are so many fun crafts you can do with giant pool noodles. That’s why we offer a wide range of noodles in all sizes and colors. Check out all of the fun products we provide here at FoamNoodles.com.

Pool Noodle Painting

If your kids are up for more of a creative activity, then you need to try pool noodle painting. Cut a pool noodle into horizontal discs about three inches thick. Then you can provide a couple of dishes of paint that the kids can dunk their foam noodle discs into to paint with. They’ll love creating fun color mixtures and stamps. Moreover, make sure to provide a large piece of construction paper that they can paint on.

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