3 Fun Christmas Decorations You Can Make With Pool Noodles

3 Fun Christmas Decorations You Can Make With Pool Noodles

3 Fun Christmas Decorations You Can Make With Pool Noodles

Are you interested in adding unique holiday décor to your home this Christmas season? Don’t underestimate the versatility of pool noodles! These foam tubes can create a variety of beautiful decorations that will transform your home into a winter wonderland. Let’s explore some fun Christmas decorations you can make with pool noodles.

Christmas Ornament Wreath

A pool noodle Christmas ornament wreath is a unique take on a classic holiday decoration. The best part is that you don’t need any special materials to complete this seasonal craft project. In fact, you probably already have all the supplies you need at home.

Check out the simple steps below:

  1. Create a circle using two pool noodles and duct tape.
  2. Add structure to the back of the pool noodle circle by attaching a hula hoop using duct tape.
  3. Attach a wreath hanger by wrapping a piece of jute around the pool noodle and tying it in a knot.
  4. Use a hot glue gun to glue rows of round, shatterproof ornaments to the wreath form until you’ve completely covered it.

When attaching the ornaments, be sure to put glue on the ornament and not directly on the pool noodles to prevent the foam from melting. With just a handful of materials and a few simple steps, you can make a beautiful Christmas ornament wreath from pool noodles.

Giant Candy Cane

Giant candy canes are also fun Christmas decorations you can make with pool noodles. Whether you choose to display them outside or inside, these oversized sweets add the perfect colorful touch to your holiday décor. Mrs. Claus may be known for her bakery, but once you’ve made some of these Christmas confection decorations, she’ll have some serious competition!

Here’s how to make a candy cane pool noodle:

  1. Use red (or any color) duct tape to attach a twisting line to white pool noodles.
  2. Curve one end of the noodle to create a shepherd’s hook and secure it with fishing string.
  3. If you’re displaying your candy canes outside, insert a sturdy rod into the ground and place the pool noodle on top.

This Christmas decoration is both unique and easy to make. As a result, you can create your very own candy cane forest in no time. Based on your holiday décor theme, you can also get creative with colors and branch out from the traditional red and white.

Christmas Garland

You can easily create a Christmas garland using pool noodle pieces. These festive garlands can hang on the wall, from the ceiling, or your mantle. If you’re feeling extra creative, you can even incorporate a string or two into your Christmas tree.

Here’s how to make a pool noodle garland:

  1. Using a serrated kitchen knife or electric knife, cut pool noodles crosswise to create pieces approximately three to five inches in diameter.
  2. String the pieces onto fishing wire or jute.
  3. Hang the garland wherever you please!

This craft is incredibly quick and easy. As such, you can fill your home with dozens of garlands in various patterns and colors.

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