3 Pool Noodle Hacks That Will Improve Your Life

3 Pool Noodle Hacks That Will Improve Your Life

3 Pool Noodle Hacks That Will Improve Your Life

Who doesn’t want to make their life easier with a simple tool? Pool noodles are versatile products for personal and professional use. For some practical examples, let’s look at the three pool noodle hacks that will improve your life.

Fishing Rod Organizer

Fishing rods can tangle together, and it’s a nightmare to untangle them. The secret to better organization is with pool noodles! Depending on how many fishing rods you have, cut multiple two-centimeter slits into a pool noodle. Make sure the slits are at least two inches apart. Then, insert your fishing rods into the slits. The snug fits create instant organization!

Ladder Guards

Ladder guards is a pool noodle hack that will improve your life, especially while cleaning gutters. When it’s time for gutter cleaning, you’ll use a metal ladder to access the area. Unfortunately, a metal ladder can dent and scrape the side of your gutters. Luckily, you can place clamp-on pool noodles on the upper section of your ladder. The padding prevents damage, and they’re simple to remove. Just take off the clamp-on foam and store it for next time.

Wrist Rest

Whether you work remotely or in a traditional office, wrist fatigue is real. Frequent typing can lead to achy wrists and tired fingers. Although you can’t eliminate typing (for some jobs), you can make the day easier with wrist rests.

Cut a pool noodle the length of your keyboard and then slice it down the middle. Ideally, you want it slightly less than the diameter of the full noodle.

Place the sliced side down and rest your wrist on the foam. The rest supports your wrist and forearms while typing. It allows your muscles to relax, creating a more comfortable experience.

Pool Noodles Are Multifunctional

The best part about pool noodles is that they’re multifunctional. From door guards and bed bumpers to organizers and rests, you have endless possibilities. Besides our top picks, we have other pool noodle hacks you should consider. Our honorable mentions include the following:

  • Boundary marker
  • Vehicle luggage rack protector
  • Trampoline spring cover
  • Lift gate protection
  • Trunk bumper
  • Pet water raft

No matter the project, Honor Trading Company is here to help you! Our premium foam noodles come in various colors, like red, pink, white, green, and much more. Shop our selection today!

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