3 Pool Noodle Hacks You Must Know for Your Outdoor Living

3 Pool Noodle Hacks You Must Know for Your Outdoor Living

3 Pool Noodle Hacks You Must Know for Your Outdoor Living

Pool noodles can be useful for so many purposes around the house. To maximize the benefits of these colorful foam tubes, check out the pool noodle hacks you must know for your outdoor living. With a bit of creativity, pool noodles can make outdoor maintenance more effective and even enjoyable.

Ladder Protection

If you frequently use a ladder to access your roof or to clean your gutters, this pool noodle hack is for you! A metal ladder can scrape your home’s siding or disrupt your gutters when it’s leaning against your house. To prevent damage, use a razor blade to cut a pool noodle into two equal-sized pieces. Then, make a horizontal cut on one side of the pool noodle and repeat the process with the other.

Once each piece has a slit on one side, you’ll be able to slide it over the metal frame of your ladder. The pressure of the pool noodle will hold each piece in place. After securing the bumpers for your ladder, you can place it against the side of your house without worrying about scraping.

Rake Squeegee

Another pool noodle hack for outdoor living is transforming a garden rake into a squeegee. You’ll need to use a razor blade to cut the pool noodle the length of your rake. Then, make a horizontal slice on one side of the noodle. Place the noodle over the prongs of the rake, secure it with two to three zip ties, and you have a squeegee!

Use the squeegee to remove excess water from your driveway, patio, or porch. You can also stay on top of low spots that cause pooling water around your property. Additionally, you could place a pool noodle over the end of the rake for protection. You won’t worry about accidentally stepping on the rake and injuring your foot because the noodle will cover the sharp edges.

Gardening Tool Grip

If you spend a lot of time planting flowers or maintaining your outdoor garden, you know it can be rough on your hands, shoulders, and back. Luckily, a pool noodle can make the process a bit more comfortable by adding an extra-wide grip to your gardening tools’ handles. Cut the pool noodle to the length of the handle, add a horizontal slice to one side, and slide the noodle over the handle. You won’t need to use zip ties to secure the noodle because it will naturally conform to the shape of the handle.

Once you have a cushion for your gardening tools, say goodbye to painful blisters and soreness from gripping the handle. You can pull weeds or move the dirt in your garden with ease. Since you cut the noodle to the exact length you need, this hack works for any type of tool with a long handle–gardening or otherwise!

With so many useful foam noodle applications, you should stock up on Honor Trading Company’s clamp-on pool noodles for all your outdoor living needs. They are made from dense foam, so they offer superior padding and durability. Check out our vast selection today!

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