3 Tips for Making Spooky Halloween Candles From Pool Noodles

3 Tips for Making Spooky Halloween Candles From Pool Noodles

3 Tips for Making Spooky Halloween Candles From Pool Noodles

Spice up your Halloween decorations with an interesting addition. Pool noodle candles are simple yet fantastic décor that enhances tables, mantels, and more! Start your décor journey by checking out these tips for making spooky Halloween candles from pool noodles.

Cut Pool Noodles at Different Lengths

Make your pool noodle candles realistic by cutting the foam into various lengths. Remember, there’s no right or wrong way to do this! You can make small cuts for subtle effects or large cuts for dramatic height differences.

After cutting your pool noodles, secure the materials with rope or hot glue. Since the foam is lightweight, free-standing noodles will likely fall over.

Pro Tip

Consider using black pool noodles for a spooky theme.

Use Faux Tea Lights As “Flames”

Pool noodles are flammable; you can’t place open flames on the material. However, you can achieve illumination with faux tea lights! The battery-powered or remote-controlled lights can sit on pool noodles and give the illusion of a flame. You’ll have a spooky vibe without the fire hazard.

Some faux tea lights have different flame colors, like orange, red, and dark blue. The deeper shades can enhance the candles and contribute to the Halloween theme.

Drip Hot Glue Down the Candle Sides

Dripping hot glue down the candle’s sides is a great tip for making spooky Halloween candles from pool noodles. It offers the illusion of “melted candle sticks” and makes the candles look eerie.

Let your hot glue drip from the top of your noodle down the side. Maneuver your hot glue gun back and forth slightly over the edge of the candle for the best results. The hot glue creates a natural “dripping” effect. 

How To Make a Spooky Display

Make a spooky display with your Halloween candles, whether you’re hosting a Halloween party or want themed décor. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Place cotton spider webs around the bottom of the candles to create a mysterious ambiance.
  • Lean a plastic skeleton or skull against the candles for an extra spooky ambiance.
  • Sit a Witch’s hat next to the candles.
  • Add pumpkins and gourds around the candles for a seasonal touch.

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