4 Bright Ideas To Keep Cords From Tangling With Foam Noodles

4 Bright Ideas To Keep Cords From Tangling With Foam Noodles

4 Bright Ideas To Keep Cords From Tangling With Foam Noodles

It seems there is no end to all the amazing benefits foam pool noodles can bring to our lives. These noodles can provide us with such fun splashing in our pools under the sun. However, they can also simplify our lives and make things so much easier. So break out the foam pool noodles and get ready for another craft because these are just four bright ideas to keep your cords from tangling.

Cord Organizer

We likely all have that box hidden away somewhere in our basement that stores a host of wires and cords that we will need now and then. However, we often dread when the day comes that we need something from that box as it could take hours to find that one wire we need.

Thankfully, you can use foam noodles to keep your cords from tangling. Cut your noodle into segments, then cut those segments in half vertically. You will then be able to place any type of wire or extension cord within the noodle. You might also consider labeling each noodle so you know what wire it is.

Cable Dock

Have you ever experienced the frustration of a cord constantly falling off your table or desk? You can stop these annoyances with a foam noodle. Make thin slices into your foam noodle that you can place your wires into. Then, adhere the noodle to your table or desk with adhesive tape or glue.

To make this cord dock, it is best that you use closed foam noodles as they will hold your wires steadier. At Honor Trading Company, we have closed-cell foam tubing for your every crafting need. What’s more, we also carry a wide variety of colorful noodles in various shapes and sizes. Shop with us today to see the oodles of noodles waiting for you.

Wire Keeper

Using foam noodles as a wire keeper is a fantastic option for teachers and parents. Children will often work and play on a tablet while sitting at a long table. Usually, you must keep these devices constantly plugged into a cord source, which can result in tangles and an unorganized look. To rectify this issue, use a long foam noodle to funnel your cords through. It’s helpful to make slits in the noodle where you plan to pull your cord out, which is where the tablet will remain stationary.

Cable Protector

If you have little ones or animals in your household, you know how easy it is to find them in places they don’t belong, touching things that could be dangerous. One dangerous area they tend to gravitate toward is electrical wires. As such, you want to ensure they are kept safe from these areas, and you can do that by making them insulated with foam noodles. Cut your noodle vertically, string your wires through, and then adhere it to a wall or surface.

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