4 Christmas-Themed Crafts Using Pool Noodles

4 Christmas-Themed Crafts Using Pool Noodles

4 Christmas-Themed Crafts Using Pool Noodles

We are in the midst of the holiday season, and with that comes decorating as far as the eye can see. Christmas is when we cozy up in the warmth of our homes, surrounded by beautiful decorations commemorating the season. Many people like to switch up their decor to keep things fresh, but the cost of this can easily add up. Thankfully, you can use pool noodles to make Christmas-themed crafts that double as decor—at a fraction of the price.

Jumbo Wreath

Have you ever seen a stunning jumbo wreath adorning a house and wanted your own? You can create this wreath yourself using pool noodles. Start with two noodles and tape them together at the ends to create a circle. And if you desire, you can add more depth by gluing additional noodles on top.

Once you’ve created the base of your wreath, the rest is up to your imagination. You can glue on tree ornaments, wrap the wreath in tulle, or add ribbons. There is no wrong way to decorate your wreath!

Candy Canes

What candy is more synonymous with Christmas than those red-and-white minty wonders we call candy canes? Due to their small size, noticing them as decorations can be difficult, but . you can make jumbo candy canes using pool noodles. Here’s what you will need:

  • Red pool noodles
  • Wire hanger
  • White duct tape

Unfold your wire hanger, thread it through the top of your pool noodle, and then carefully bend the noodle to produce the cane shape. Next, use your white duct tape to create a spiral pattern on the noodle.

This super-simple craft is addicting to make, so at Honor Trading Company, we have red pool noodles in bulk for you to make as many candy canes as you wish. We are happy to help you elevate your Christmas decor this year.


The best part about this Christmas-themed craft is that it builds upon your pool noodle candy canes. All you need to make your lollipops are a couple of extra supplies:

  • Hot glue gun
  • PVC pipe
  • Knife
  • Optional: cellophane and ribbon

Utilize the same supplies and how-to guide from the candy cane craft to make the head of your lollipops; this time, you may want to use green, red, and white pool noodles and duct tape. Then, as you make the cane shape, continue coiling it around to create the lollipop, using your hot glue gun to keep everything together. Use your knife to create a small hole at the bottom end of your lollipop so that you can insert the PVC pipe. Finally, you can add an extra touch by wrapping the lollipop in cellophane and tying it together with a bow.

Candy Tree Ornament

Ornaments add personal touches to a tree, becoming emblems of the family who’s decorating the tree. As such, you may want to create your own candy tree ornaments using pool noodles. Cut a pool noodle about 5 to 7 inches in length and wrap it in colored cellophane. You can then tie off each end with a decorative ribbon. Now you have a unique candy ornament to decorate your tree with!

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