4 Creative DIY Pool Noodle Crafts for Kids

4 Creative DIY Pool Noodle Crafts for Kids

Foam noodles are a lot of fun in the water, but they can also be useful for a variety of craft projects. Regardless of your child’s interests or skill level, you can work together to find a unique way to turn a foam tube into an artistic masterpiece. Let’s explore some creative DIY pool noodle crafts for kids.

Paint Stamping

If you have children in preschool, paint stamping is a fun, engaging activity. To create the stamp, use a utility knife to cut your foam noodle into rings. Then, pour different colors of tempera paint onto a plate. Your child can either dip the ring into the paint or use a brush to apply it.

Using the paint-covered ring, your child can stamp a piece of cardstock. Then, based on the paint’s color, use a marker to turn the stamps into a variety of fun shapes, including an apple, snowman, or smiley face. For example, you can help your child turn a red stamp into an apple by adding a stem and a leaf.


Another creative DIY pool noodle craft for kids is creating an oversized game of tic-tac-toe. To begin, you’ll need to make your game pieces. Using a utility knife, cut 1-inch pieces for your o’s and 5-inch long pieces for your x’s. Once you’ve cut the x’s to the appropriate length, you’ll need to cut them in half, and then in half again.

Place one strip on top of the other and use a hot glue gun to stick the x’s together. Then, use sidewalk chalk to draw a giant tic-tac-toe board outside. Using your foam noodle game pieces, you can enjoy hours of fun with your family.

Alphabet Basket

If your little one is learning their letters or loves to practice their spelling skills, a pool noodle alphabet basket is a great idea. Use a knife to cut the pool noodle into 26 rings. Using a permanent marker, write one letter on each ring. You can choose to write uppercase or lowercase letters, depending on your child’s skills.

Throw the rings into a basket, mix them up, and have your child pull out a ring and identify the letter. Then, you can use the rings to create words, spell your kid’s name, identify letters that have sticks and curves, and more. Pool noodle letter rings are an easy way for your child to learn and practice alphabet basics.

Seasonal Wreath

Did you know you can turn a pool noodle into a beautiful seasonal wreath? Bend the noodle into a circle and use several layers of packing tape to secure the ends. Then, you can decorate the foam ring however you please.

For a summer theme, use brightly colored faux flower picks and stick them into the foam to make a floral masterpiece. You can also wrap the pool noodle in streamers for a festive touch. Once you’ve finished making your wreath, hang it on your door for all to see.

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