4 Flower-Arranging Hacks Using Everyday Items

4 Flower-Arranging Hacks Using Everyday Items

4 Flower-Arranging Hacks Using Everyday Items

Is there anything more stunning than a bouquet of beautiful, vibrant flowers? It’s amazing how quickly fresh flowers can light up someone’s face and the room you have them in. The second you receive your flowers, you’ll likely want to put them in a vase and set them on display.

However, that can come as a challenge since you want them to look picture-perfect, and there’s an art to arranging. Thankfully, that art is much easier than you think, as you can even use everyday items for fun flower-arranging hacks.

Use Grid Tape

You might’ve heard about the grid tape method, as it has recently been quite viral on social media. Have you ever placed your flowers in a vase only to find every flower falls to the side and doesn’t stay up? Using grid tape can help prevent that.

Grab your vase, and make a grid on the opening of the vase with some pieces of tape. It should look like a tic-tac-toe box. Then, you can place small bundles of flowers in each grid to help keep everything falling by the wayside.

Use Pool Noodles

It might seem surprising, but some everyday items you can use for a flower-arranging hack are pool noodles. Place a cut pool noodle vertically inside your chosen vase. Then, you can place your flowers into the small hole. Doing this will help keep your flowers closer together and creates that upside-down triangle look you want from a bouquet.

Do you want to try this hack but don’t have pool noodles on hand? At Honor Trading Company, we have green pool noodles available to take your flower-arranging skills to the next level.

Use Your Yard

One of the best secrets to flower arranging is the useful addition of greenery to help fill the space between flowers. As you’re arranging your flowers, you might want to add more filler but lack more to add to your bouquet. If that’s the case, you can head to your yard and pick some greenery lying around. Anything works, as there are no rules to arranging your flowers.

Use Two Vases

So you have a beautiful vase you want to use, but it's much too big to complement your flowers. Thankfully, you don’t have to switch to another vase. Instead, you might consider adding a smaller one or cup inside the larger vase. Doing so will help keep your arrangement from looking sparse and make switching out your water much easier.

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