4 Simple Ways To Attach Pool Noodles Together

4 Simple Ways To Attach Pool Noodles Together

4 Simple Ways To Attach Pool Noodles Together

You might be wondering why you need to attach pool noodles. Well, there are many reasons; for the most part, you will want to attach noodles together for fun activities and games everyone can enjoy. However, there are quite a lot of practical reasons as well. As such, you should know the many simple ways to attach pool noodles together.

Duct Tape

Duct tape is the number one way to make those ends meet, thanks to its strong adhesive qualities. You can expect duct tape to hold as long as you need. It works well if you want to make a circular shape with your noodle, usually to craft like a wreath or something for a ring toss activity. However, you can also use another adhesive like E6000 glue.

Nylon Knot

Another fun way to attach pool noodles is to break out your childhood scout skills and tie a knot. You can use any type of rope, but nylon is best if you plan to use your pool noodles in the water, as it is water-resistant. Tie a double half-hitch knot to connect the noodles. Tying foam noodles together with nylon knots is great for fun pool activities like making a raft.

Drink Koozie

It seems silly and unimaginable, but a drink koozie actually works pretty well for connecting your pool noodles. Drink koozies are simple and practical tools to connect pool noodles in a pinch. However, make sure you use rubber koozies, as the material will increase the friction to keep them adhered for longer. A drink koozie works well if you want to make an exciting obstacle course right in your backyard.

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