4 Ways To Use Pool Noodles in Your Classroom

4 Ways To Use Pool Noodles in Your Classroom

There are so many fun, creative ways to use pool noodles in your classroom. Since foam tubes are incredibly versatile, they can be used as helpful educational tools, as well as inexpensive decor. Continue reading to learn how to take full advantage of pool noodles.

Spelling Practice

If you work in an elementary school, spelling is likely a focus of your curriculum. Luckily, you can use foam noodles to help your students practice their spelling skills.

To begin, use a serrated knife or a boxcutter to cut the pool noodles into equal size rings. Then, use a permanent marker to write one letter on each ring—be sure to include plenty of vowels. Once each ring has a letter, your students can thread the pieces onto a ruler or wooden dowel.

Stringing letters together helps your students practice their spelling skills and create words. This type of exercise is also beneficial if you’re learning about the difference between uppercase and lowercase letters. Write the uppercase version of a letter on one ring and the lowercase version of a letter on a different ring. Then, ask your students to match the little letters to the big letters.

Pattern Identification

Another clever way to use pool noodles in your classroom is to create and identify patterns. First, you’ll need to gather pool noodles in a variety of colors. As described above, slice the noodles using a knife to make individual rings.

Students can thread the different color rings onto a ruler or dowel to create unique patterns. When you provide a variety of pool noodle colors, your students will have fun creating elaborate sequences. For younger children, you can first create a pattern and then have them copy it by using their own foam noodle pieces.

Classroom Decor

Looking for an affordable way to add some color and whimsy to your classroom? A pool noodle garland is a great choice. Gather pool noodles in a variety of colors and use a knife to create even slices. Then, simply string the slices onto a thick piece of twine.

Once you’ve created your desired pattern, you can use removable adhesive hooks to hang the garland from your classroom’s ceiling or walls. You can also layer several garlands to create a fun, colorful effect. Plus, since pool noodle garlands are made of foam, you won’t need to worry about your students accidentally knocking them off the wall and getting injured.

Stamp Making

Pool noodles can also be used for fun art activities such as stamp crafts. Take a pool noodle and cut it into pieces long enough for your students to comfortably hold. Students can dip the pieces in paint to create an assortment of designs on a piece of cardstock or construction paper.

Once the paint is dry, your students can decorate their stamped papers with markers and other art supplies. Your kids will love using foam noodles to create apples, snowmen, or something completely imaginary!

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