4 Wreath Ideas That Start With Pool Noodles

4 Wreath Ideas That Start With Pool Noodles

4 Wreath Ideas That Start With Pool Noodles

From Arbor Day to the Fourth of July, wreaths are stunning and sentimental décor that can work for any holiday. However, if you love to decorate, you know how steep the prices are for store-made ornaments. Thankfully you can save yourself some cash when you realize it is surprisingly easy to make wreaths that rival manufactured ones. Keep reading for four wreath ideas that start with pool noodles.

Arbor Day

Did you know that wreaths represent and celebrate the eternal circle of life? Trees do so much to ensure that circle continues, so making a wreath to celebrate Arbor Day is a great idea. What’s more, if you have little ones, this can serve as a creative opportunity to educate them on the importance of trees. The sky is the limit here, as you can even have the kids embellish the wreath with natural decorations they found outside, like leaves or sticks.

The first thing you will want to do to start these Arbor Day wreaths is find some green pool noodles—they’re the perfect color to represent nature! Honor Trading Company has oodles of noodles in all shapes, sizes, and colors to help you create a perfectly unique wreath.

Fourth of July

Who doesn’t love celebrating the Fourth of July? To begin, grab your pool noodle and mold it into a circular shape by pushing the ends together. Afterward, use some heavy-duty tape to secure the ends. Now you have the perfect wreath to decorate with all things relating to Independence. We recommend gluing red, white, or blue artificial flowers, gems, and ornaments onto the wreath—you can even add stickers, ribbons, and flags.


As you read through our wreath ideas that start with pool noodles, your mind is likely bursting with countless ideas—here’s another one for you. Spring is the sigh of relief after an arduous winter, and what better way to celebrate the endless cycle of seasons than with a wreath? Once you secure your circle, you can adorn the wreath with fake flowers or real ones that spring from your garden. We recommend getting as colorful as possible with this one.

Door Décor

Children and adults alike love customizing their rooms with embellishments that reflect their personalities. A super fun way to channel your self-expression without sacrificing your walls is with a wreath. We recommend purchasing items from your local dollar store that reflect your various tastes. For example, if you love dinosaurs, you can find cheap figurines that you can easily glue to your wreath.

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