5 Best Uses for Pool Noodles When Camping

5 Best Uses for Pool Noodles When Camping

5 Best Uses for Pool Noodles When Camping

Pool noodles aren’t just water accessories. These fun toys can transform into handy tools you can use on campsites because of their versatility. Discover the five best uses for pool noodles when camping below!

Toilet Seat

You need a way to use the bathroom when nature calls. Squatting in the woods isn’t a comfortable or preferable way to go.

Line a 10-gallon bucket with a trash bag to create a makeshift toilet. Then, shape a black foam pool noodle into a circle and secure it with duct tape. Cut a slit on the underside of the noodle. Fit the noodle over the rim of the bucket. You now have a toilet seat for your temporary potty!

Chair Stabilizer

Some campgrounds have loose gravel, soft dirt, or sandy pathways. Therefore, your chair may feel unstable after setting it up. Cut a foam noodle the same length as the bottom of your chair rails and fit it over them. The noodle stabilizes the chair and prevents it from sinking into the ground.

Tent Line Cover

Picture this: the sun sets, and the campgrounds become dark. You try to navigate the area but accidentally trip over your tent’s ropes. One of the stakes leaves the ground, destabilizing the tent. Now you have to put it back together in the low light. Not only is this scenario annoying, but it’s common.

Tent ropes are thin and hard to see in the night. However, one of the best uses for pool noodles when camping is tent line covers. Make a slit along one side of each noodle and attach them to the ropes. You can now see the lines in the dark and avoid tripping over them.

RV Insulation

Camping in cold temperatures is challenging, even if you have an RV. Wind can enter the vehicle and create a chilly experience for campers. Fortunately, there’s a smart solution that uses pool noodles. Secure pool noodles underneath the RV door to prevent air from coming through. Now, everyone can sleep without the cold wind disrupting the evening.

Temporary Site Sign

An awesome part about camping is the opportunity to explore the great outdoors. Hiking, swimming, and fishing are popular activities. However, campsites are large, and losing track of your specific area is easy. Before you leave the campsite, create a sign or marker. This way, you can better identify the grounds and determine where you are. You want something large, colorful, and noticeable. So, pool noodles are the perfect site marker. Tie a noodle to a tree to mark your spot!

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