5 Fun and Easy DIY Minion Party Decorations

5 Fun and Easy DIY Minion Party Decorations

5 Fun and Easy DIY Minion Party Decorations

Whether you have seen the blockbuster Despicable Me movies or not, nearly everyone is familiar with their most famous characters, the minions. The minions are hilariously odd, quirky, silly, and goofy creatures that you simply can't help but laugh at when watching. That is why it makes sense for your kids to want a minion-themed party. Luckily, it’s so fun and easy to DIY your minion party decorations!

Make Your Own Minion

If you have foam noodles, you have a genius way of making minions on your hands. Moreover, you can use this craft as decorations, party favors, or a fun activity your guests can do. To do this craft, you will need yellow foam noodles, googly eyes, a serrated knife, and a permanent black marker. Start by cutting your foam noodle into 6-inch pieces; you can then decorate your minion to look like your favorite character.

If you are wondering where you can find yellow swimming pool noodles, you are in luck. At Honor Trading Company, we sell various noodles for you to use in your crafts. We also sell our noodles in bulk, a great option for parties and crafts that require more than one noodle.

Play Minion Bowling

The nice part about making fun and easy DIY minion party decorations is that they can also double as a silly game for the kids. For instance, consider making a minion bowling alley. Next time you make your foam noodle minions, cut them to 12 inches long instead, as this is the perfect height to mimic bowling pins. Next, set up your minions, grab any type of ball, and let the kids start playing.

Decorate Your Door

When we think of minions, we can't help but think of those quintessential colors, blue and yellow. Use this color palette to decorate your door to look like a minion; this is also a great way to ensure your guests know where the party is. For this craft, you will need yellow and blue plastic tablecloths, a white plate, a permanent black marker, scissors, clear duct tape, and black construction paper.

Start by taping the yellow tablecloth to the door, then tape the blue tablecloth to the bottom half of the door. You may need to use scissors to cut your tablecloth in order for it to fit. Once you have taped your tablecloth to your door, you can then create the eyes. Cut out a circle from your construction paper and tape it in the middle of your white plate. Then, tape that eye to your door and use your marker to add any details you want.

Food and Favors

Another DIY project involves creating minion-themed food and favors. One of the easiest options that you can also send home with your guests and have on display is a minion marshmallow. To make these, you will need large marshmallows, black decorating icing, skewers, yellow candy melts, and candy eyeballs.

Once you have melted your candy, place a marshmallow on a skewer and douse it completely in the yellow icing. When your marshmallow is cool, you can make it look like a minion with candy eyeballs and icing goggles.

Balloon Minions

You won't need to do much for this decoration other than find a bunch of yellow balloons. Blow up your yellow balloons and use a permanent black marker to draw minion eyes. Then, place the balloons all over your party area. The kids will likely love to see these balloons and play with them.

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