5 Fun Pool Noodles Projects That Will Delight Your Cat

5 Fun Pool Noodles Projects That Will Delight Your Cat

5 Fun Pool Noodles Projects That Will Delight Your Cat

It’s no secret that our cats provide so much joy, warmth, love, and laughter in our lives, even when they’re waking us up at the break of dawn. That’s why you likely want to give your cat as much excitement as it gives you. Find out about these fun pool noodle projects that will delight your cat.

Fun Mealtime or Snack Time

We all know what our cats are like during mealtime, as it’s the most exciting part of the day for them. You may notice that your cat eats its food way too fast. Thankfully, you can slow it down and make mealtime or snack time enriching and fun.

Cut about a three- to four-inch-thick pool noodle disc and place some treats or some dry food in the hole. Then, allow your cat to try to access the food. This project will slow your cat’s fast eating habits and provide an enriching experience that it’ll love.

Cat Bed

Cat beds can be quite expensive, which is why you’ll like to hear about this cost-effective bed that you can make yourself. The best part is that it’s incredibly easy. Grab some duct tape and fasten a pool noodle together at both ends. Then, place a pillow inside the foam noodle circle. Finally, take an old shirt that you no longer wear and secure it onto your foam pool noodle. There you go! A DIY cat bed.

Hunt the Pool Noodle

One of the most fun pool noodle projects that will delight your cat is a simple game of hunting. For this one, all you have to do is grab a pool noodle and play with it as you would any other cat stick toy. Your cat will have so much fun jumping for, hunting, and attacking the noodle.

Scratching Post

In your cat’s mind, anything can be a scratching post, especially your furniture. But it makes sense that you likely want to avoid that. As such, consider slicing a pool noodle lengthwise and affixing them to the furniture in your home, like onto chair legs, desk legs, or your dining room table.

Cat Collar

Sure, your cat might not love this one, but it will certainly appreciate it more than an actual cone of shame. Consider making a foam pool noodle collar. Cut a foam pool noodle about two feet long, gingerly wrap it around your cat’s neck to get a measured estimate, and cut off any excess bit by bit.

You might consider using a collar it owns to ensure the circumference is comfortable for it and even glue the noodle onto an old collar. Once you have a good measurement, duct tape your noodle, and you have a collar that will keep it from scratching its skin.

There are so many things you can do with pool noodles. That’s why it makes sense that you likely want to purchase some for your home. Are you looking for a pool noodle company that stocks high-quality, durable noodles? At Honor Trading Company, we have oodles of noodles to suit your every need.

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