5 Fun Swimming Pool Games With Pool Noodles

5 Fun Swimming Pool Games With Pool Noodles

5 Fun Swimming Pool Games With Pool Noodles

Make pool time enjoyable with awesome activities. The best part is you don’t need expensive gear. Look at these fun swimming pool games with pool noodles for ideas! You, your family, and friends will want to play these games all day long.

Noodle Jousting

Choose two players, place them on floaties, and push them to the center of the pool. Each player has a pool noodle, and they’ll joust until one player falls off their floatie. It’s best to use solid-core foam noodles because they’re slightly heavier than hollow foam noodles. The denser material helps players knock their opponents off the floaties.

Relay Race

Increase the challenge of relay races with a swimming pool competition! You need at least four people to make two teams. Place two players at one end of the pool and the others at the opposite end. Each player must hold a pool noodle and swim to their team member. The idea is to use the pool noodle as a baton to pass among team members. The first team to finish wins!

Pool Snake

Pool Snake is another fun swimming pool game with pool noodles. To start, create a pattern of pool noodles and participants (noodle, person, noodle, person, etc.) to create one long "snake" in the water. The person at the "head" of the snake will swim while the other people try to keep the snake together. The first player to let go of their noodle (and break the chain) is out of the game. You can reconnect the snake and continue until the snake comes apart. Start a new game with a different person at the head!

Bubble Pop

You can play bubble pop competitively with two or more players or make it a solo game. You need a third person to blow the bubbles regardless of your preference.

One person stands outside the pool and blows bubbles while the player(s) inside the pool use their pool noodles to pop bubbles as fast as possible. Ideally, you want everyone to pop bubbles before they hit the water. The player who pops the most bubbles wins! To make things easier, have participants count the number of bubbles they pop to keep score.

Balloon Toss

Balloon toss is similar to volleyball but with pool noodles. Place a net across the pool’s center, and divide players into two teams. Everyone will use foam noodles to keep balloons airborne. The other team gets a point whenever the balloon touches the water on the opposing side's team. You can increase the difficulty level by adding more balloons.

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