5 Great Ways Pool Noodles Can Help Around the House

5 Great Ways Pool Noodles Can Help Around the House

5 Great Ways Pool Noodles Can Help Around the House

Foam noodles are popular summertime accessories for fun in the pool. Did you know they can also be incredibly useful around the house? These colorful foam tubes are versatile and can be useful in creative ways to solve common household problems. From protecting car doors to cushioning sharp edges and even serving as makeshift home gym equipment, pool noodles offer a budget-friendly and effective solution for various tasks. Find out some great ways pool noodles can help around the house.

Cushion Sharp Areas

You have likely had a moment where you unintentionally walked into a sharp edge, like a desk corner, bed frame, or countertop. Thankfully, you can stop these painful surprises by cushioning those sharp areas with foam noodles. Cut a pool noodle lengthwise and wrap it around the edges of sharp or hard objects, such as tables or bed frames, to prevent any accidental injuries.

Safe Transportation

Moving is a part of life, even though it can be frustrating. The stress of packing your fragile items can be overwhelming. However, you can secure those items with pool noodles. Cut a pool noodle into small pieces and place them between items when packing boxes to prevent things from shifting and getting damaged during transport.

Protect Car Doors

There’s nothing more cringeworthy than seeing someone open a car door with zero awareness of their surroundings. This situation can occur frequently if you have toddlers bouncing with energy and excitement. Cut a pool noodle into four equal pieces, and attach them to the garage wall at the height of your car door to prevent damage to your car and the wall.

It’s best to use colorful noodles, like yellow swim noodles, to park in alignment with the cushioning. Are you looking for more pool noodles to help you around the house? At Honor Trading Company, we have oodles of noodles available for purchase.

Home Gym

There’s never a bad time to get fit. Fortunately, you can work out at home with pool noodles! To create a home gym with pool noodles, cut a noodle into various lengths and use the pieces as weights for arm curls or as resistance band alternatives for a variety of exercises.

Pipe Insulation

No one wants to feel overly cold or hot in their home, so you’ll be happy to know that pool noodles work phenomenally well as pipe insulation. Cut a pool noodle lengthwise and wrap it around exposed pipes to insulate them and prevent heat loss. This tip can also help you save on energy bills!

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