5 Gross Motor Activities That Use Pool Noodles

5 Gross Motor Activities That Use Pool Noodles

5 Gross Motor Activities That Use Pool Noodles

What are gross motor skills? We use them for nearly every action in our daily lives but don’t really think about them. These skills include bilateral, hand-eye, balance coordination, and more. Moreover, to grow your gross motor skills, you must strengthen the large muscles in your body. Learn about the gross motor strengthening activities you can use with pool noodles.

Agility Ladder

If you are looking for a fantastic way to improve your child’s coordination and leg strength, you might consider creating an agility ladder. To create your agility ladder, you will need about ten pool noodles, duct tape, and scissors. Make a circle with each one of your pool noodles to create a ring, and fasten it together with duct tape.

Then, head outside or to an open area with a lot of space, and place your rings down on the floor to look like a ladder. Once you have your rings set up, you can fasten each one to each other with duct tape to ensure they stay stuck together as your kids run through this fun obstacle course.

Balloon Ball

Balloon ball is a fun gross motor activity that uses pool noodles and works phenomenally to develop hand-eye coordination. Have you ever played a game of “don’t let the balloon hit the floor”? This activity is exactly like that, except you will use pool noodles instead of your hands to keep the balloons off the floor, which develops coordination. It’s best to cut your pool noodles into three pieces, as that makes it easiest for your kids to handle their noodles comfortably.

With all these activities to develop your child’s gross motor skills, you’re likely wondering where you can find pool noodles. At Honor Trading Company, we have red pool noodles for sale in a variety of quantities to suit your every need.

Pool Noodle Ring

A pool noodle ring is an advanced activity for your kids to strengthen their visual tracking and bilateral coordination skills. Cut a pool noodle in half horizontally and fasten it together with duct tape, creating a ring. Place a marble on the inside of the ring. Then have your kid try to keep the marble in the pool noodle and make as many circles as possible.

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