5 Reasons To Stock Up and Buy Pool Noodles in Bulk

5 Reasons To Stock Up and Buy Pool Noodles in Bulk

5 Reasons To Stock Up and Buy Pool Noodles in Bulk

When we think of pool noodles, we tend to associate them with pools, summer, and endless splashing under a hot sun. That is why it will surprise you to know that foam noodles are incredibly versatile—their uses extend far beyond the pool. Here are five reasons to stock up and buy pool noodles in bulk.

Pool Noodle Workout

Many of us struggle to stay consistently active as we might grow bored with a particular workout. That is why you might need a little at-home pick-me-up to entice your body to get moving. As such, consider using a pool noodle with your aerobic workout for a zany twist. This is a great way to work the abs and maintain body control and balance.


If you have children, you are likely quite familiar with the sound of slamming doors. In lieu of removing the door from its hinges, you can use pool noodles to muffle the sound. You can also use pool noodles to fill up spaces and empty gaps when installing a car seat or transporting fragile items. Pool noodles work phenomenally as bumpers and space fillers in various areas and situations. This is why you should stock up and buy in bulk.

Wire Storage

We all have that box in our home that stores a bunch of electronic wires we might need one day, from chargers to extension cords. However, that electronics box is usually such a mess that finding what we need can seem next to impossible. You can use a pool noodle to store and organize your wires for efficiency, easy finding, and no tangles. Cut your pool noodle vertically to create a slit that will give you access to the inside, where you can place extension cords and other wires.

Bath Time Toys

Bath time is par for the course when you have little ones; with that time comes toys galore to play with. However, these toys can easily grow mold or get dirty, requiring you to clean or throw out and replace them. To cut costs, you can use cut-up pool noodles as fun floating devices for the kids to play with. They’re much easier to replace.

With countless baths ahead and the wide variety of uses for pool noodles, it is no wonder you want to purchase more noodles. That is why you should shop with us at Honor Trading Company. Check out our fun jumbo pool noodles in bulk, which are available in a variety of colors to choose from.

Closet Helpers

You might not have thought that pool noodles belong in your closet, but surely, at this point, the versatility of these noodles no longer surprises you. Do you have boots that flop over? Use pool noodles to help them stand upright. This creates a uniform look in your closet, reduces wrinkles, and allows for easier finding.

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