5 Tips for Using Pool Noodles as Kids’ Room Décor

5 Tips for Using Pool Noodles as Kids’ Room Décor

5 Tips for Using Pool Noodles as Kids’ Room Décor

Brighten your kid’s room with fun décor. All you need is pool noodles and a few other supplies. Check out these five tips for using pool noodles as kids’ room décor to get inspired!

Create a Rainbow With Multiple Noodles

Make a 3D rainbow with pool noodles! Arrange foam noodles in a rainbow-colored pattern on a flat surface. Use plastic zip ties to join the foam into a rainbow arc. You can also create white clouds with white foam boards to conceal the zip ties. It also enhances the finished look of the rainbow!

Make a Foam Garland With Noodle Pieces

Another tip for using pool noodles as kids’ room décor is to make garlands with noodle pieces. Cut pool noodles into two-inch chunks and string them on a long piece of twine. You can use one noodle color or alternate shades for fun patterns. Tie both ends of the twine to secure the foam pieces.

Design Floral Arrangements With Noodles

Floral arrangements are beautiful but risky in kids’ rooms. Your high-energy children may knock over the vases and create a big mess. Fortunately, you can design floral arrangements with pool noodle vases! Cut green noodles into five-inch pieces. Then, glue one side of the pool noodles on a flat tray. Place artificial flowers and plants in the foam noodle holes. You can also glue fake grass onto the tray to create a mini garden. This simple yet beautiful décor can totally liven your kid’s room!

Craft Giant Pencils With Yellow Noodles

School is in session! Craft giant pencils with yellow pool noodles and other simple supplies. Use duct tape to mimic the metal attachment for the eraser. You can also paint the upper part of the noodle red to mimic an eraser. Customize your giant pencil with a “No.2” and black lines to make it realistic.

You can also create giant crayons, markers, and other school supplies. Let your imagination run wild with these ideas!

Construct Coral Reefs With Noodles

Make your kid feel like they’re “under the sea” with a coral reef display. You can turn pool noodles into coral reefs with red, green, blue, and orange foam. Follow our step-by-step guide to create the perfect display. You can also enhance the structure with inflatable sea creatures, plastic seashells, or toy mermaids! Whatever you choose, you’ll create an excellent spectacle for your child’s space.

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