5 Ways To Incorporate Pool Noodles in PE Class

5 Ways To Incorporate Pool Noodles in PE Class

5 Ways To Incorporate Pool Noodles in PE Class

Many children dislike physical education at school, but there are many ways to make PE classes more exciting for students. For some ideas, try these entertaining ways to incorporate pool noodles in PE class.

Noodle Relay

Running is a fantastic sport that gets hearts pumping, but it can be hard to entice students to engage. Thankfully, pool noodles can help children view running in a different light. You can do this by organizing a pool noodle relay race. You can make it an even more dynamic exercise if you have the children hold the noodle above their heads as they run.

Balance Beam

It’s important for children to strengthen their gross motor skills, especially balance. If you want to strengthen this core skill, then create a pool noodle balance beam. Simply place a pool noodle on the floor and have your students walk across it.

Noodle Limbo

One of the most interesting ways to incorporate pool noodles in your PE class is to do pool noodle limbo. The students will appreciate this enticing activity that also works their flexibility. You can have the students pair off in groups of two or three and take turns going under the pool noodle. Each time a student successfully passes under, lower the noodle.

Javelin Throw

We have all seen amazing javelin athletes throw their javelin-like poles incredible distances. Thankfully, you can have kids replicate this sport in a much safer way. Simply have the kids throw their pool noodles as far as they can and measure the distances to see who throws it the farthest.

Balloon Tap

Keeping a balloon from touching the floor by hitting it is a popular childhood game. You can take this game a step further by prompting your students to keep their balloons afloat with pool noodles. This activity will improve their hand-eye coordination and keep them occupied throughout the whole class.

You can do so many fun activities with pool noodles that the options can seem endless. If you want to try one or more of these activities, you might be looking for cheap pool noodles in bulk. At Honor Trading Company, we have oodles of noodles in a variety of colors that kids will love—all at an affordable price!

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