6 Brilliant Ways To Use Pool Noodles As Bumpers

6 Brilliant Ways To Use Pool Noodles As Bumpers

6 Brilliant Ways To Use Pool Noodles As Bumpers

If you are the person at the bowling alley who uses bumpers to keep their ball from falling into the gutter, then this is the piece for you. Bumpers and boarders have countless benefits. They are our real-life erasers. Say you are parking into a compact spot and accidentally scrape against a pole. A bumper there would surely come in handy. We have only touched the surface of all that pool noodles have to offer. Keep reading for the brilliant ways you can use them as bumpers.

Slamming Doors

There is nothing more startling than hearing a door slam in your quiet home. If you have kids or teens, then it is quite likely that slamming doors are a common occurrence in your household. Children are constantly on the move. They flitter from one location to the next in the quickest way possible. When they do this, they don't take the time to close the door quietly each time, which can result in 20-30 loud slams a day.

Moreover, if you have tweens or teens in the home, you know just how intense their emotions can become. It makes sense given that their hormones are more erratic than usual, which greatly increases the slamming door and blasting music combo. A slamming door is synonymous with teenage life and the one way our teens and tweens seem to love expressing themselves, but it is not friendly to our ears. However, there are ways to rectify that.

1. Rectify Slamming Doors

No matter the reason for door slamming, it can be startling and disrupting when it happens. In some cases, it can trigger heightened emotions, especially if you have babies or seniors in the household. As such, it makes sense you want to avoid a slamming door, be it intentional or accidental.

To rectify a slamming door, take one of our pool noodles and clamp it right onto the border of any door you want to treat. You may need to cut it in half or quarters to achieve the desired fit. The best part is the foam quality of our noodles will also absorb some of the shocks of the slam. You will love this noise-proof aspect if you have a naturally noisy door, such as a storm door.

2. Protecting Little Fingers

It is quite amazing to think about the fact that we use our fingers for nearly everything. There is nary a time when we don't know where they are. However, there are certainly times in our life when we aren't as aware of our phalanges. When this occurs, and we are on the go, we might find ourselves slamming our finger on a door. Moreover, if you have little ones who run in and out of the backyard, requiring them to go through gates and sliding doors, a pinched finger may be more frequent.

If you want to avoid a trip to your local urgent care, then consider attaching pool noodles to gates or sliding doors in and around your home. If you think you need to cut our pool noodles in half to clamp them on, think again. At Honor Trading Company, we have clamp on foam noodles in bulk so that you can protect as many little fingers as possible.

3. No Falling off the Bed

Nothing seems better than lying in your bed after a long day. Beds are a place we consider protective, caring, and comforting. But what happens when it loses its favored reputation? This can occur if you or one of your family members falls off their bed. It seems odd, but it is much more common than you think, especially for younger people.

When we place our bed against the wall, there could be a gap that you might assume is fine because it is only a small space. However, sometimes this small space is big enough for little kids to fall through and onto the floor. To avoid that, you should consider using a pool noodle as protective border. A pool noodle is big enough to fit snugly in that space without falling through. It is also sturdy enough to help guide your child back to the middle of their bed.

4. Trampoline Springs

If your children love spending hours on their trampoline, this hack might be especially useful. Usually, your trampoline will come with exposed springs that can easily pinch fingers, arms, and legs as they constantly expand and constrict. You might want to place some clamp on pool noodles onto these springs to avoid any pinching. You can also make your trampoline more vibrant as we have a plethora of clamp on pool noodles in pink, purple, blue, and more.

5. Helpful Car Protectors

No matter how long you have been driving or whether you consider yourself a car aficionado, a scratch and a ding can always happen. Even if you park your car in the garage thousands of times, sometimes you may slip up and pull your car in too far. Moreover, you can easily get a ding against a garage wall if you or someone else opens the car door fast and wide. Even if you never make these mistakes, you likely can't say the same for everyone else in your home.

One of the more brilliant ways to ensure your car stays ding free is to use pool noodles as bumpers in your garage. There are countless places in your garage that you can proof, so make a note of hot spots where your car and garage are most likely to meet. The most common places usually are at the front and sides of your car. Consider adhering pool noodles to these areas.

Helpful Hack

Do you need to transport something on the top of your car that could damage it? Sometimes we need to travel with a difficult item, like a ladder, and it could easily ding our car up pretty good. To avoid something like this, consider clamping pool noodles to the top racks of your car. These pool noodles will provide ample space and protection to help keep your car from any scratches during transit.

6. Prevents Body Aches

There is always some kind of work we must do in and around the household. While that never changes, we cannot deny the fact that our bodies do change and grow old. As this happens, we might notice more aches and pains along the way. If you work in construction, you might be doubly aware of this, but there are ways to ease the pain with pool noodles.

If you spend a lot of time working on a ladder, you might notice that your shins rest along the footsteps, which can make your shins quite sore. Consider cutting up some of our clamp noodles and putting them on the rails where your shins rest. Moreover, we all know that mowing our lawns is necessary, but holding onto a mower can hurt your hands and irritate arthritis or tendonitis. Thankfully you don't have to stop mowing. Try to clamp a pool noodle onto the handle- it will make it easier and more comfortable to handle.

6 Brilliant Ways To Use Pool Noodles As Bumpers
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