A Brief Guide to Creative Pool Noodle Party Decorations

A Brief Guide to Creative Pool Noodle Party Decorations

When it comes to hosting a budget-friendly but buzzworthy bash, innovation is key. Ever thought about turning pool noodles into versatile party decor? The humble pool noodle isn’t just for the poolside—it’s a crafty-meets-colorful tool you can weave into unique party accents. With an array of colors and ideas just waiting to be explored, check out this brief guide to creative pool noodle party decorations.

Pool Noodle Garland

With a few basic supplies and a colorful collection of pool noodles, you can create a statement garland that rivals any store-bought decor. First, gather your materials, including a variety of pool noodles in your chosen shades, twine, and a sharp blade. Next, slice your pool noodles into thin rings, about half an inch wide. Then, thread your twine through the holes, alternating the colors of the noodle slices. Consider mixing up solid colors, neon hues, or even glitter-coated noodle segments for added flair. Once strung, drape your creation anywhere that needs a pop of color.

Pool Noodle Luminaries

Outdoor soirees and evening gatherings call for a little extra glow. Fortunately, pool noodle luminaries are a luminous and budget-friendly solution. To create them, you’ll need large pool noodles, a craft knife, and LED tea lights or fairy lights. Mark your noodles at even intervals and carefully cut out rings with a craft knife to create the luminary structure, ensuring the bottom sides are flat so the rings can stand. Then, insert a tea light into each ring. Drop the lights in the water, and voila! You’ve crafted elegant pool noodle luminaries that will bathe your nighttime party in a soft, inviting glow.

Pool Noodle Wreath

Wreaths are the quintessential symbols of hospitality at any time of year, and a pool noodle makes the perfect base for a custom creation. The beauty of a pool noodle wreath is not just its malleability, but its resilience to weather if your event is al fresco. Choose a standard-width noodle for a classic look or a wide one for a bold impression. Join the ends of the noodle using hot glue and wrap the outside with decorative tape, ribbon, or yarn, and affix a variety of ornaments and seasonal embellishments. Think holly and ivy for the winter holidays, or sunflowers and burlap for a rustic summer affair.

Pool Noodle Photo Backdrop

Photos are the lasting memories of any party, and a clever backdrop can set the scene for a picture-perfect experience. It’s easy to craft a photo backdrop with interlocking pool noodles. Select a variety of colors, cut the noodles to varying lengths, and use connectors to build a freestanding structure. Add on some streamers, balloons, or even small props that connect to your party’s theme. This interactive setup not only guarantees smiles but also becomes a conversational piece that elevates the visual appeal of your event.

This brief guide to creative pool noodle party decorations proves you can make unique celebratory decor without breaking the bank. When you’re planning your next soiree, turn to Honor Trading Company for all your pool noodle needs. We sell large quantities of noodles in a rainbow of colors, including red pool noodles in bulk, so you can easily match your party theme. Contact us today to learn more.

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