A Guide to the Different Kinds of Pool Noodles

A Guide to the Different Kinds of Pool Noodles

A Guide to the Different Kinds of Pool Noodles

When you think of pool noodles, you likely only picture the quintessential foam ones with a hollow opening in the middle. This type of foam noodle is the kind that many pool goers love playing with. However, this is not the only type of noodle around. Learn about the different kinds of pool noodles in this guide.

Jumbo Pool Noodles

Jumbo pool noodles are exactly what you would expect them to be: larger versions of the standard pool noodle. These noodles have everything standard noodles have, just in a larger size. Jumbo noodles are great for larger craft projects where a standard size wouldn’t work. Moreover, they’re also quite useful for protecting furniture during a move when in transit.

Clamp-On Pool Noodles

Clamp-on pool noodles are fun contraptions that are incredibly beneficial to several areas of your household. These noodles have a slight opening, allowing you to clamp them onto anything that can fit. Clamp-on pool noodles are perfect should you need to baby-proof your home, seal air gaps, and even protect your furniture.

Solid-Core Pool Noodles

Solid-core pool noodles do not have the standard hollowed center infamous at pool parties for allowing children to use as trumpets, blowing water on everyone at the pool.

However, solid-core pool noodles have numerous benefits, as they are much more buoyant and stiff, allowing for more variability when in the water. For example, you will find it much easier to engage in water aerobics because a solid-core noodle provides much more resistance.

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