A Guide to Using Pool Noodles for Storing Cleaning Supplies

A Guide to Using Pool Noodles for Storing Cleaning Supplies

Tired of a cluttered cleaning closet bursting at the seams with disheveled mops, brooms, dusters, and everything in between? Well, the solution might be floating right in front of you! The humble pool noodle, that colorful foam tube typically associated with summer fun, is not just a poolside pal but also a nifty asset in the art of home organization. In this guide to using pool noodles for storing cleaning supplies, we’ll discuss some innovative ways you can use foam tubes to keep your space as neat and organized as possible.

Under-Sink Organization

Navigating the labyrinth of under-sink storage is a challenge for most. Put an end to the chaos by using pool noodles as customized dividers. Cut the noodle to the length needed for the height of your cleaning spray bottles and make a vertical slice through the center to create a clamp. Slip the noodles over the edge of a shelf to corral different types of cleaners or prevent items from rolling around. With proper measurements, it’s easy to create space for all of your most-used supplies.

These slim storage solutions are perfect for those who don’t have the time or space for more complicated DIY storage techniques. The noodles are adjustable, inexpensive, and easy to install. By dividing your under-sink space with pool noodles, you won’t spend your time untwisting a tangle of cleaning product nozzles—you’ll have an organized space that’s easy to access.

Broom Bristle Protection

Protect your broom’s bristles with a pool noodle sheath. Cut the noodle so that it’s slightly larger than your broom handle’s circumference, and then carefully slice one side down the length. The result is a flexible covering that will cushion your broom’s delicate tips.

This simple protective measure will prolong the life of your broom, leading to cleaner, more effective sweeps. Protecting your broom’s bristles is also ideal if you store your cleaning supplies upright, as it prevents the bristles from bending or splitting under their own weight.

Dustpan Stand

Every dustpan needs a reliable stand to lean on. Pool noodles provide the perfect padding for your dustpan to stand against, offering stability and grip. Cut a noodle to the length of your dustpan’s edge and secure the ends with duct tape. Not only will your dustpan stay put, but it will also be less likely to scratch or dent your floors or walls.

An uncontained dustpan can actually cause a lot of mess and frustration. By propping your dustpan against the wall, you can avoid knocking it over or tangling it with other tools. A dustpan stand is a small but thoughtful addition to a household where details matter.

Vacuum Hose Cover

Vacuum hoses take a beating, but pool noodles are a great way to ensure they last longer. A pool noodle split lengthwise works wonders not only to absorb the impact but also to prevent damage to household furniture and other delicate items. Simply cut the noodle to the desired length and attach it to your vacuum hose with zip ties. Suddenly, vacuuming will become less hazardous to your belongings.

The vacuum hose is a logistical necessity that goes everywhere in the house, and as such, it deserves some TLC. By protecting it with a pool noodle, you can prevent marks on walls and chips on furniture. You also won’t need to worry about damaging the hose as you move around the house.

Laundry Room Gap Filler

Tired of socks or other small clothing items falling in between your washer and dryer? Pool noodles to the rescue! You’ll no longer need to wedge your way in between your machines to grab a rogue item.

Instead, you can simply bend a pool noodle and place it in the space between your washer and dryer. With a pool noodle gap filler, you’ll never have to hunt for a pair of socks again. By keeping all your clothes safely in one place, you can make the laundry process more efficient and organized.

Broom and Mop Hanger

Another innovative use for pool noodles involves creating a hanging organizer for cleaning tools. To complete this project, you’ll need a pool noodle, a utility knife, and adhesive strips. Lay the noodle on the floor and measure where you want your cleaning supplies to hang. Make a perpendicular cut about halfway through the noodle to create slots where you can insert the handles. Lastly, adhere the adhesive strips to the back of the noodle and affix the organizer to a wall in your storage area. Your cleaning tools will now have a dedicated, upright place to stand.

This DIY organizer ensures that your brooms and mops are secure and easily accessible. By preventing them from leaning against walls or each other, the pool noodle also keeps the bristles in good shape. Plus, this innovative solution is an aesthetic improvement over the jumbled mess that often is the cleaning tool corner.

Rake Storage

Sometimes, innovation can be simple. By covering the end of a leaf rake with a pool noodle, you can create a storage solution that’s effective and keeps your cleaning tool in top shape. Using a pool noodle to cover the tines of a rake keeps it standing straight and free of damage.

For this method, all you need is a pool noodle and a cutting tool. Measure the width of the rake and cut the noodle to fit snugly over the end. Then cut down the length of the noodle and slide it on the rake. You can then store your rake without fear of damage to its ends or to other items.

The soft padding of the noodle provides a barrier between the rake and any delicate surfaces or materials. Plus, you won’t need to worry about accidentally stepping on the sharp tines when navigating your storage area.

Benefits Beyond the Pool

This guide to using pool noodles for storing cleaning supplies will help you save space, time, and stress. Repurposing items like pool noodles for organization is a fun and sustainable practice that leaves more money in your pocket and less waste in the environment.

Pool noodles aren’t just for staying afloat—they’re for lifting the weight of household organization off your shoulders. With a little imagination, pool noodles can transform into tools that tame the unique storage challenges associated with common household cleaning supplies. Whether you’re organizing under your kitchen sink or looking to make more use of vertical space, pool noodles add a sense of order to your home storage.

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A Guide to Using Pool Noodles for Storing Cleaning Supplies
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