A Mom’s Guide To Cleaning With a Pool Noodle

A Mom’s Guide To Cleaning With a Pool Noodle

A Mom’s Guide To Cleaning With a Pool Noodle

Pool noodles are fun toys to use in the water, but did you know they can also make it easier to clean your house? For most people, cleaning is not the most enjoyable activity, so it’s nice to know there are ways to simplify the process. This mom’s guide to cleaning with a pool noodle will outline a few ways you can use a foam tube to make your home sparkle and shine.

Cord Organizer

In today’s electronics-focused world, almost everyone has a million cords scattered around the house. These cords can be unsightly and create unwanted visual clutter. Luckily, you can use a pool noodle to efficiently organize your cords.

Use an electric knife or a serrated kitchen knife to cut the pool noodle into smaller pieces. Then, slice the pieces down the center to create an opening. You can easily tuck a cord into the opening of each foam piece. Instead of staring at a tangled jumble of cords on the floor, you can keep the wires neatly tucked into a sliced pool noodle.

Vacuum Extender

Our guide to cleaning with a pool noodle wouldn’t be complete without highlighting the vacuum extender. By placing one end of the noodle over your vacuum’s hose, you can easily grab items that are wedged in hard-to-reach places. To make the extender more manageable, you can cut the pool noodle to a shorter length before placing it on the end of your vacuum.

If your pet hides their toys behind your bed or your child drops items off the back of the couch, a vacuum extender makes your life easier. You don’t need to become a contortionist to keep your house clean. Instead, let an ingenious pool noodle vacuum extender do the work for you.

Bucket Filler

Water is an essential component of any successful cleaning spree, but lifting a heavy bucket full of water is difficult. Plus, if you’re cleaning the bathtub, it can be almost impossible to step over the ledge with a weighty bucket.

Luckily, there’s an easy way to fill your container without lifting it. Simply place a pool noodle under the faucet in your bathroom or kitchen, and let the water drain into a bucket sitting on the floor. This is a great way to avoid lifting heavy objects that can strain your knees and back. Since a thorough cleaning job requires a fair amount of physical exertion, every little bit of assistance helps.

With so many creative ways to use pool noodles, do yourself a favor and ensure you always have several on hand. Honor Trading Company offers a wide variety of big pool noodles with large diameters, so you can easily use them for your favorite cleaning hacks. Shop our selection and stock up on versatile pool noodles today!

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