A Quick Guide to Baby-Proofing Your Home With Pool Noodles

A Quick Guide to Baby-Proofing Your Home With Pool Noodles

A Quick Guide to Baby-Proofing Your Home With Pool Noodles

The thought of baby-proofing your home may be overwhelming. Luckily, things aren’t as intimidating as they seem. Foam noodles are an inexpensive yet effective way to make your home safer for your little one. Take a look at this quick guide to baby-proofing your home with pool noodles.

Corner Guards

Corner guards for sharp corners are perfect for coffee tables, bed frames, counters, irregular-shaped furniture, and other places that small children might bump into. Cut thick pool noodles lengthwise and wrap them around the edges of sharp corners like desks or tables. Corner guards prevent accidental injuries, and you’ll have peace of mind as your child explores your home.

TV Cabinet Bumper

Entertainment centers contain TVs, speakers, gaming consoles, and other related items. Babies and small children may stand near the TV or reach for items around it. In many cases, babies use TV cabinets to pull themselves up to stand. Without a bumper, they may hit their face on the cabinet. Cut a pool noodle in half lengthwise and tape the noodle to the cabinet. That way, they won’t hurt themselves while standing up.

Top Bar on Crib

Even baby furniture requires protection. When baby-proofing your home with pool noodles, use noodles for the top bar on the crib. If you have a bouncy baby, they may bump their chin or mouth on the top bar. You can avoid bumps and bruises with soft padding. Cut a long slit in the foam noodle lengthwise and secure it to the rails.

If you have young children, place padding on the crib’s edges. As a result, they won’t bump their face standing by the crib. Consider them corner guards for baby cribs.

Toddler Bed Bumper

After baby cribs, kids transition into regular beds. Although they’re older, kids are still at risk of rolling off the bed. Fortunately, foam noodles can reduce that problem! Place pool noodles under fitted sheets to create a bumper for toddlers. The foam is easy to crawl over, allowing kids to lay in the bed. However, the noodles protect them from falling out at night.

Door Guard

Little fingers can get caught in doors. Luckily, pool noodles are helpful tools to combat smashed fingers. Cut 10 inches of foam noodles for door guards. Make a long lengthwise cut down the middle and slice out the noodle’s center so it fits securely over the door. This quick and easy guard makes a huge impact in homes with babies and toddlers.

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