A Quick Guide to Building a Pool Noodle Obstacle Course

A Quick Guide to Building a Pool Noodle Obstacle Course

A Quick Guide to Building a Pool Noodle Obstacle Course

Summer is right around the corner, so it’s time to think about activities for the kiddos. Turn your backyard into the ultimate obstacle course! Check out this guide to building a pool noodle obstacle course for station ideas.

Create a Customizable Obstacle Course

Customizable obstacle courses are perfect for kids. The lightweight pool noodles are easy to manipulate for the different stations. When building a pool noodle obstacle course, remember to use tent stakes, pencils, and duct tape to secure the noodles. As you continue reading, you’ll see how materials come into play.


Place two tent stakes about two to three feet apart for the tunnels. Cover each stake with a pool noodle to create an arch. Repeat these steps until you receive your desired number of tunnels. This portion of the course is ideal for small children. However, older kids can use these arches as hurdles.

Small Hurdles

Small hurdles require full-length pool noodles and pencils. Start by sticking the graphite side of a pencil into the noodle about 12 inches from the end on each side. Once you make a hole, remove the pencil, and place the eraser end into the pool noodle. Stick the sharpened ends of the pencil into the ground. Repeat the steps for your desired number of hurdles. Remember, you need two pencils for each noodle.

Balance Beam

The balance beam is a simple obstacle course addition. Place a noodle flat on the grass to create a balance beam and secure it to the ground with duct tape. You can line up two pool noodles to create a long balance beam. Avoid using stakes or pencils to secure the noodles—both can cause injuries if children trip and fall on the beam. 

In & Out

Position your red pool noodles in a vertical formation. Give three to four feet of space between noodles, and secure them with tent stakes. This activity involves kids weaving in and out the pool noodles. You can place this portion of the obstacle course toward the end.

Ring Toss

You’ll need duct tape, stakes, and pool noodles for a ring toss. Loop a noodle into a circle until the ends touch. Wrap the ends in duct tape several times so they won’t come apart. Create your preferred number of rings. Then, cut another noodle in half, stick a stake into the ground, and place it over the stake to indicate a target for the activity. Make sure the number of rings correlates to the number of half noodles.

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