A Simple Guide To Baby-Proofing Your Home
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A Simple Guide To Baby-Proofing Your Home

A Simple Guide To Baby-Proofing Your Home

As a new parent, babyproofing your house can seem overwhelming and expensive. Every parent knows that certain places in the house need childproofing to keep the little ones safe. What every parent might not know is how to childproof quickly and easily using the pool noodle. Read this simple guide to babyproofing your home to make your life easier and your child safer.

Simple Tips for Child Proofing Your House

  • Corner guards for sharp corners. Sharp corners on coffee tables, counters, or fireplaces can be a danger to small heads. Corner guards that are translucent can be ordered from retailers. For a quick, easy fix, use clamp on pool noodles to the specific size you need. Clamp foam noodles are sliced down the middle, so they grab hold of edges snugly. Pool noodles are an excellent fix for awkwardly shaped furniture that traditional corner guards won’t fit.
  • Door guards. Use a pool noodle to keep little fingers from getting caught in closing doors. Cut 10-12 inches of a pool noodle to use as a door guard. Make a long lengthwise cut down the middle. Cut enough out of the center of the noodle so it fits snugly over the door.
  • Toddler bed guard. Pool noodles to the rescue again! Place them underneath fitted sheets. The baby can simply crawl over them and lay in the middle of the bed. The pool noodle keeps them from falling out.
  • Protect children from cording. There’s no doubt that cords present a real hazard to toddlers and babies. Curious children can pull heavy electronic devices onto their laps for a closer look or get wrapped up in the cord, causing bodily injury. The cords can easily be contained in a clamp noodle with the slice down the middle. The noodle is flexible, like a cord, and little fingers will be protected and prevented from wiggling the cords into the open.
  • Top bar on baby crib. If your baby loves to jump, a pool noodle will keep them from whacking their chin on the top rail when they get excited to see you in the morning. Foreheads all get bumps and bruises on the crib edge. If your baby is getting extra bumps from the railings in the crib, clamp noodles make great padding.

As you can see, foam noodles can be more than enjoyable pool toys. Clamp-on pool noodles from FoamNoodles.com can be very helpful for affordably baby-proofing your home. They’re made from a proprietary foam compound that’s denser than others for extra protection. And there are no harmful chemicals. We usually ship the same day, for free, on orders received before 1 p.m. (CT). We hope this simple guide to babyproofing your home assists you in keeping those kids safe. Contact us today and see all the beautiful ways that foam noodles can protect your baby from harm.