All the Essentials for the Perfect Day at the Beach

All the Essentials for the Perfect Day at the Beach

All the Essentials for the Perfect Day at the Beach

Warm weather is the perfect time to grab some friends and hit the beach. However, you might want to consider bringing a few items with you to maximize your fun without worrying about issues like getting a sunburn. Here are all the essentials for the perfect day at the beach.

Beach Bag To Hold Everything

You don’t want to risk sand getting in your purses, backpacks, or other carrying cases. Pick out a stylish beach bag to hold all the essentials you need to bring.

The Right Sunscreen

That sun is a killer on your skin if you’re not careful. Try to stick to water-resistant and higher SPF sunscreen, at least 30 but ideally 50 or more, and apply at least 15 minutes before you hit the water. Don’t forget to reapply on your skin around every two hours.

Sunglasses To Protect Your Eyes

It’s not just your skin that you need to protect from harmful UV rays. UV rays can also harm your vision if you expose yourself to them too much. A nice pair of dark sunglasses can help you avoid glare and eyestrain from the sun.

Wear a Nice Hat

The beach is the perfect opportunity to whip out your best sun hat. Not only can sun hats look stylish, but they also help protect you from those dreaded UV rays.

Water Toys

There’s nothing better than hopping in the ocean and tossing a ball around or playing a little beach volleyball in the sand. There are plenty of beach-friendly game sets and water-safe balls for older kids and adults. For smaller kids, you might consider bringing pool noodles, buckets, shovels, and beach balls to keep them occupied.

High Quality H20

Make sure you bring and drink plenty of water to keep yourself and others hydrated in the heat. Plastic water bottles can work in a pinch. Still, reusable water bottles are not only more environmentally friendly, but you can also fill them up at water stations near the beach.

Bring a Beach Towel

You don’t want to get stuck sitting directly in the sand. Find an oversized beach towel to bring with you as a barrier between your body and the sand. Beach towels are thinner than regular towels, which allows them to dry quickly as well.

Put Up a Shady Umbrella

If you’ve got the cargo space, an outdoor beach umbrella canopy is fantastic for supplying some shade and marking your spot on the beach. Look out for umbrellas with suitable fabric to, you guessed it, block out UV rays.

Out of all the essentials for the perfect day at the beach, the most important one is to bring people with you to have fun. Honor Trading Company’s jumbo foam noodles are the perfect, affordable toy to bring to the beach and have fun with your friends and family. Feel free to contact us with any questions about our products.

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