Better Cosplay With Pool Noodle Wigs, Tails, and Tentacles

Better Cosplay With Pool Noodle Wigs, Tails, and Tentacles

Better Cosplay With Pool Noodle Wigs, Tails, and Tentacles

It is always so exciting to see people's depths of creativity and artistry when they cosplay. You might be in awe at their incredible ability to make a fictional character jump off the page or screen. Many of us have seen such stunning cosplays and we can't help but ask ourselves, "how did they do that?". If you want to have people internally asking themselves the same question when they see you in your cosplay, keep reading. Here is how you can have better cosplay with pool noodle wigs, tails, and tentacles.


Cosplay originated from the fan practice of costuming oneself for science fiction conventions. Nowadays, people will commonly dress up as a favorite or cool-looking character from various anime, cartoons, comics, tv, movies, or video games. Although the term cosplay, short for "costume play," originated in Japan, it certainly didn't stay there and has exploded in popularity.

Many people love having the opportunity to express themselves and pay homage to their beloved characters in a place where other like-minded people do the same. That is also not to mention the expressive outlet you have when you have creative control over your costume and interpretation of the character. There is no better feeling for someone who cosplays than when you dress up or role play as your absolute favorite character.

Powerful Guise

Think back to when you were a child and it was time to dress up in your Halloween costume. Once you put on the crown or zipped up the suit, you felt different; It was almost as if you had become the character. You walked with your chin held high or snuck around quietly to watch for any dangerous criminals.

Under the guise of a costume, you felt like you had the qualities and spirit of the character you dressed up as. In truth, those qualities were there all along, but the costume just helped you find them. While this was likely your first introduction to cosplay, it was not your last.

Pool Noodles

Even if you’re a seasoned cosplayer, you might be searching for a unique element to complete your look, which is where pool noodles come in. You may have a costume in mind that requires various parts that all must be able to move seamlessly through crowds while not dragging you down with too much weight. Perhaps you want to add a unique and otherworldly depth to your costume using a different material. No matter the purpose, we will delve deeper into how you can have better cosplay with pool noodle wigs, tails, and tentacles.

Noodles Upon Noodles

Pool noodles are entirely foam but hold their structure very well, making them easy to cut, shape, and morph into whatever you please. However, it might surprise you to know just how many different types of pool noodles are available. For example, you can purchase curly, solid, clamp, standard, and jumbo foam noodles.

At Honor Trading Company, we have all these foam noodle options and more available to help you bring your vision to life. Are you in need of a particular color? Worry not because we also have a plethora of colors available for you to use. We want to provide every possible option to see you look your absolute best.

Pool Noodle Wig

Out of all the options on the list, you might have found yourself most surprised to read that you can make a wig out of pool noodles. It is challenging to maintain control and manage a wig made with hair. We have all had that moment when our eyes see our reflection, and we feel stunned at how different our hair looks compared to when we left the house. When you wear a hair wig, you may constantly worry about how it looks.

Making a wig out of foam noodles provides more versatility and control. A pool noodle wig holds its structure better than a hair wig that can easily fall flat and lose shape. The best part is that you won't have to lug various hair-care products to your next convention.

The Higher the Hair

If you are working on an outlandish costume for a character with a flair for the dramatic, then pool noodles may work best for you. Say you are creating a Marie Antoinette cosplay; the first thing you likely think of is how you will nail her massive hairstyle. Finding an accurate piece can have you shelling out hundreds when you can create the same effect with pool noodles. Moreover, it brings an otherworldly and unique dynamic to your look.


Use a stiff cotton cloth such as buckram to create your base by gluing it onto a mannequin head and resting it for 24 hours. Once it is dry, cut back your desired hairline. Using an Exacto knife, slice your foam noodle into slender wedges and flat strips; these varying shapes will help create depth to your wig.

Use pins to hold down the wedges and strips to create a rough draft wig before gluing. This is the fun part: you can play with the foam noodles, morphing them into unique and intricate designs to perfect your desired look. Once you better visualize the wig, you can carefully adhere the pieces together with hot glue.

Tails and Tentacles

If your costume requires creepy tentacles or a funny tail, you are lucky because foam pool noodles provide the perfect base to mold as you see fit. The creation is quite similar no matter the tail or tentacle because both appendages tend to move and look the same. There is a swaying quality that foam pool noodles can replicate rather nicely. Moreover, tails and tentacles tend to start thicker at the base and narrow to a point at the end, which is excellent because pool noodles are easy to shape and shave down.


You will likely only need one standard-sized solid core foam noodle to effortlessly create your tail. Start by cutting your noodle vertically in half, making shaping it much more manageable. Next, cut the tail down to your desired length. Choose one side of the noodle for your base, then use an Exacto knife and carefully carve to create the point of your tail. Afterward, you can embellish it with fake fur or paint, depending on your chosen character.


Creating your tentacles is the same—grab your knife and carve away. However, if you are going for that Ursula look, you may want your tentacles thicker at the bottom, and in that case, we recommend using our solid jumbo noodles.

If the tentacles are still not large enough, that is no problem; cut your noodle in half horizontally, take one half and cut it into diagonal strips. You may then easily glue the diagonal strips to the base of your tentacle to add weight and thickness.

Better Cosplay With Pool Noodle Wigs, Tails, and Tentacles
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