Card Games Made Easier With Pool Noodles

Card Games Made Easier With Pool Noodles

Card Games Made Easier With Pool Noodles

Teachers and parents enjoy using cards to teach essential learning skills such as math comprehension and gameplay. You can have fun playing with cards while taking your enjoyment to the next level using foam noodles, even if you're a bit older. Discover how different card games are made easier with pool noodles below.

Pool Noodle Card Holders

These noodle holders are perfect for adding and swapping out cards while playing. They're especially great for smaller children whose hands may not be big enough to grasp cards independently. Here's what you need:

  • Pool noodle
  • Smooth knife
  • Cutting board

This process is relatively straightforward. First, cut the noodle into several one-to-two-inch segments. Then, you'll need to insert a slit into each holder.

The best way to make these slits is to create a 3/4-inch incision all the way around the circular segment. It's just enough to fit cards in, but not too much that the noodle falls apart. Let kids know to put one card in first, then pile the others on top, and swipe.

Texas Hold ‘Em Up With Noodles

This simple pool noodle project is similar to the one listed above but works better with older children and adults. When you’re finished, you’ll have cardholders that rest on a table while you have your entire hand easily accessible in front of you. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Pool noodle
  • Exacto knife

Begin by cutting off a segment of one noodle around six inches long. After that, make a slit in each pool noodle segment by cutting a line lengthwise. Place the noodle piece onto the table and start placing your cards inside.

Pool Noodle Place Value Game

This project is a math activity that focuses on place value using numerals. Here's what you'll need:

  • Pool noodles
  • Exacto knife
  • Dice
  • Index cards
  • Marker

To begin, cut off multiple noodle pieces, each about three inches long. Then, make a slit about half an inch long through one end on each piece. Now your cardholders are ready.

Then, using your marker, write the numbers 1-9 on each index card, one after the other. You should have several index cards devoted to just the number one, several solely dedicated to the number two, and so on. Once you finish, you're ready to play.

It’s possible to play this game with one or two persons. The first phase is to roll the dice and determine what numeral combinations you can make based on the numbers that appear on them. The second stage is to decide on the number you'll build.

For example, if you roll a five and a six, you may form 56 or 65 using the index cards. Next, find the correct number cards to match the one you've chosen and arrange them in the correct sequence using the holders. Finally, you must read the number aloud.

We hope you enjoyed this guide on how to make card games easier with pool noodles. Honor Trading Company offers jumbo foam noodles that are perfect for transforming into fun games and crafts. Feel free to contact us with any questions about our products.

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