Clever Camping Tips and Tricks To Stay Cozy

Clever Camping Tips and Tricks To Stay Cozy

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Camping allows you to connect with nature on a deeper level. However, the elements can make your time in the wilderness extremely uncomfortable. Help make your trip more enjoyable with these clever camping tips and tricks to stay cozy.

Find the Right Tent

Camping starts with the right tent, and you should choose one that will be suitable for any weather conditions you're expecting. For example, you might look for a tent with a double-wall framework that contains both the tent body and the rainfly. You can use it to keep pests, wind, and rain out without sacrificing its lightweight and breathable qualities. Consider an insulated or multi-person tent for warmth. Alternatively, you can search for one with a smaller mesh area to exchange a bit of additional weight for a warmer, more sheltered interior.

Shake Your Sleeping Bag

Sleeping bags function by creating air pockets that trap heat from your body to keep you insulated. Try giving your bag a thorough shake before using it to ensure it puffs up fully and fills with air. It will provide the best insulation in this state. Also, move around lighter bags from the bottom to stimulate more accumulation in the higher parts of the bag to help with insulation.

Vent the Inside of Your Tent

Having proper airflow in your tent is essential, even though it seems counterintuitive during the winter. While you breathe, you release hot vapor that rises in the tent. As the water makes contact with the cool tent fabric, it condenses and freezes. Even partly opening the vents in your tent will keep you from waking up in a freezer.

Use Pool Noodles

Believe it or not, you can also use pool noodles in many ways to make your camping trip more enjoyable. Here are some examples below.

Cover Tent Lines

Small ropes hanging from the tent rain-fly are called "guy lines," and you may notice them when tent camping. These lines hold your rain-fly tight so that water doesn't leak inside the tent. They also prevent the tent from blowing over. You can drape a length of pool noodle over tent lines to make them more visible to passersby and prevent people from tripping over them and hurting themselves.

Create a Comfy Toilet Seat

You can use noodles to make a much cozier outdoor toilet. Simply line a 10-gallon bucket with a heavy-duty garbage bag. Then, measure out a section of the pool noodle to wrap around the outer edge of the bucket approximately three-quarters of the way around. Next, trim a line along the length of the noodle using a knife or scissors. Finally, put the noodle over the rim of the bucket to form a comfortable seat.

Using these clever camping tips and tricks to stay cozy can help you remain warm and comfortable next time you're spending days and nights out in the wild. You can use Honor Trading Company's foam noodles, such as our closed-cell foam backer rods, in unique ways to make your camping trip even more enjoyable. You'll find that our noodles are not only composed of incredibly high-quality materials but also incredibly affordable.

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