Dinner Parties Just Got Fancier with Our Pool Noodle Hacks

Dinner Parties Just Got Fancier with Our Pool Noodle Hacks

Dinner Parties Just Got Fancier with Our Pool Noodle Hacks

Do you want to throw a great dinner party for your friends or family? Discover how dinner parties just got fancier with our pool noodle hacks. Incorporating pool noodles give you more opportunities to set up a fantastic scene that will get people talking about it long after the last bite.

Candle Glass Guards

With a glass guard made of foam noodles, you can create a delightfully charming ambiance with safety in mind. The foam works as cushioning in case candles topple over or if you’re concerned about people slamming against the table’s sharp corners. Simply measure and cut out the appropriate size foam noodle piece. Then, you’ll split the noodles on one side to allow them to go into the glass framing.

Trendy Napkin Rings

Want to make your table look like one of those pricey Michelin-starred restaurants? All you’ll need is a pool noodle in your preferred color and a sharp knife. Place the noodle on a cutting board and cut out multiple one-inch pieces.

Next, pull the napkin through one end of the ring, take the end of the napkin, and loop it back through. Now you can place the napkin rings on everyone’s plate for a beautiful DIY table display.

Woodsy Table Wreath

Do you want to give your dining table a rustic feel? This faux wood table wreath made of foam noodles is simple to make. Here’s what you’ll require.

  • A pool noodle
  • A miter box and hack saw
  • Gorilla Glue
  • Contact paper
  • Scissors
  • Painter’s tape
  • Plastic flowers or greenery

To begin, you’ll split your noodle into four pieces, each with a 45-degree angle at the ends. Draw lines down the noodle after measuring out about two inches from the edge of the miter box. Hold the noodle as tightly as possible to make sure it doesn’t roll even a little bit.

Then, cut the ends of the noodles at a 45-degree angle. When you’ve finished one side, slide your noodle to the opposite end of the miter box and make incisions in the opposing direction.

Once you have your four pieces, enclose them in contact paper, allowing about a half-inch overlap so that the paper sticks to itself. Remove any extra contact paper from the edges so that no foam shows once everything gets joined together.

Now, wet both surfaces with water and apply a tiny amount of adhesive to one. Glue the pool noodle ends together to make a 90-degree angle. While the glue dries, use painter’s tape to keep the ends together. Continue gluing the ends together until the square is complete.

Finally, you can add any decorations such as flowers or a wreath to the finished square. Use your imagination to think of any additional accouterments beyond that to complete the look.

We hope you and your guests love how your dinner parties just got fancier with our pool noodle hacks. Honor Trading Company offers yellow pool noodles to brighten the table along with many other fantastic colors. Feel free to contact us with any questions about our products.

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