Easy Thanksgiving Arts and Crafts Ideas for Kids

Easy Thanksgiving Arts and Crafts Ideas for Kids

Easy Thanksgiving Arts and Crafts Ideas for Kids

Thanksgiving isn't just the perfect holiday for eating turkey and watching football. If your children love to work on DIY projects, you can use the holiday to inspire some fantastic creations. Look below to discover easy Thanksgiving arts and crafts ideas for kids.

Classy Place Cards for the Table

If you've got many family members coming in to celebrate, your kids can help you design some fancy place cards for the table. Hit up a thrift or craft and pick up enough cardstock for everyone coming into town. Then, take a gel pen and write everyone's names on it.

Hang Up Some Candy Corn Bunting

Try making some candy corn bunting. Begin with a white paper plate, then paint an outer yellow border, followed by an orange border, with a third of the dish left blank. Cut the plate into triangles, put holes through them, and thread with string once the paint has dried.

Throw "Leaves" on the Table

You can bring the magic of fall indoors with some felt or construction paper in seasonal colors. Have the kids look outside for the perfect leaves to trace over the material. Once you've got a bunch of tracings done, dispose of the actual leaves and cut out your artificial versions to decorate your table.

Turkey Snack Bag

With some clear plastic gloves, popcorn, crackers, and some additional craft items, you can make a fantastic Thanksgiving snack bag for your youngsters. Fill each finger with multicolored crackers, then stuff the palm and thumb with popcorn. Carve a beak out of felt to finish the turkey and stick it on, along with a googly eye.

Craft a Turkey Out of a Foam Noodle

When you want to get highly creative, you can bring foam noodles together to craft your turkey pal. Here's what you need:

  • Orange foam noodle
  • Brown, yellow, and red craft foam
  • Googly eyes
  • Feathers in various colors
  • Serrated edge knife
  • Glue sticks and a low-temp glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Ruler

To begin, use a serrated knife to cut the orange pool noodle into six-inch pieces. Then, cut triangular beaks from the yellow craft foam with scissors. You should complete this stage personally or supervise older children who are attempting to do so.

To build the turkey's snood, cut out "L" shapes from red craft foam. To make the turkey's face, attach the beak, snood, and googly eyes on the side of the pool noodle. If necessary, set it aside to dry.

Next, cut out a five-inch tall trapezoid from brown craft foam to form the turkey's tail. Finally, use a low-temp glue gun to adhere the turkey tail feather piece to the rear of the pool noodle.

We hope you and your family enjoy these easy Thanksgiving arts and crafts ideas for kids. Honor Trading Company offers yellow pool noodles in bulk, so you've always got the perfect craft supplies on hand. Feel free to contact us with any questions about our products.

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