Easy Ways To Encourage Kids To Be More Active

Easy Ways To Encourage Kids To Be More Active

Easy Ways To Encourage Kids To Be More Active

There’s nothing like a few months of fun with the family when it comes to summer vacation. But keeping the kids active throughout the summer can be difficult. Pool noodles are captivating toys that bring out creativity in kids of all ages. Read these easy ways to encourage kids to be more active with pool noodles.

Play Horses

Pool noodles are bendable and can be made into all kinds of wacky shapes. A pool noodle is versatile and fun for all ages. Let’s start with the toddlers. Kids love to play make-believe, and it doesn’t take a lot to get their imaginations going. And making a play horse to ride is both creative and fun.

Bend the top of a pool noodle down to emulate the shape of a horse head and place a rubber band over the top. You can have fun gluing a felt mouth, yarn hair, and even googly eyes to make the horse appear lifelike.

Pool Noodle Obstacle Course

When it comes to obstacle courses, you would think pool noodles were built for them. Their diversity and flexibility are perfect for the task. You can hang pool noodles at varying heights between chairs for either a “limbo” move or a hurdle. Make arches to belly crawl through by using a couple of tent stakes to secure the base of a pool noodle arch. Use duct tape and tape the two ends of a pool noodle together to form a circle. Tape six circles together in columns of three to simulate the classic “running through tires” exercise.

Kids will love to get their heart rate up, and parents will love the exercise. Plus, the creative possibilities are endless in the number of athletic challenges you can create.

Javelin Toss

Using the technique above, make six circles from pool noodles. Vary the colors but use a couple of red pool noodles to create bonus point circles. Tape the six noodles together—three on top and three on the bottom. Then, using tent stakes, use two pool noodles as vertical supports for your javelin rings. Tape the rings about four feet off the ground. Assign points to the different circles, making the red noodles double points. Use another pool noodle as a javelin. When you make it through a hoop, award yourself the points.

As you can see, there is no end to the use of pool noodles for summer fun. FoamNoodles.com has you covered for all your pool noodle needs. You can order single pool noodles or buy in bulk. You don’t need a pool to use pool noodles for summer fun. Order some today and see what fun activities your kids can come up with. After reading these easy ways to encourage kids to be more active in the summer with pool noodles, we encourage you to get creative and have fun!

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