Essential Safety Dos and Don’ts With Your Pool Toys

Essential Safety Dos and Don’ts With Your Pool Toys

Essential Safety Dos and Don’ts With Your Pool Toys

There seems to be no end to the fun that a pool can bring us—there are countless games to play and toys to use. However, some aspects of danger exist in all things, even with pool noodle toys. That’s why it is important to keep your kids as safe as possible. It is crucial to follow these essential safety dos and don’ts with your pool toys.

Learn Safety Rules

Your kids might be restless to start playing, but one of the first things they should do is learn the rules of pool safety. Moreover, reviewing these rules at the beginning of the season and putting signs up around the pool as helpful reminders for the kids is a good idea. It is easy for kids to forget or disregard the rules without repetition. Many people make the mistake of thinking they only need to review these rules once, but this is a “don’t” you should avoid.

Double-Check Toys

Before you let the kids run and grab their toys, it is a good idea to double-check the toys for any damage. You might find cracks, holes, or even creepy crawlies making a home out of your noodles. Damage to your pool toys can make them shrink, dry out, or crumble, rendering them useless and unsafe.

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Clean Toys

One of the essential safety do’s with your pool toys is to make sure you clean them after use. Despite pool water being clean thanks to chlorination, pool toys come into contact with many things like bugs, dirty surfaces, and more. That is why it is a great idea to give your pool toys a wipe with a sanitized wet wipe at the end of the day. The best part is that this safety essential barely takes any time at all.

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