Fall Gardening and How Your Kids Can Participate

Fall Gardening and How Your Kids Can Participate

Fall Gardening and How Your Kids Can Participate

Fall weather is a surprisingly perfect time to grab your gardening tools and start planting. If you’re a parent with a green thumb, there’s no better time to get your children involved. Continue reading to discover more about fall gardening and how your kids can participate.

Why Gardening in the Fall is Great

While the temperature starts to drop, the soil stays warm for months after summer ends, encouraging seeds to germinate and roots to thrive. The cooler air makes it much more comfortable to spend time outdoors since you don’t have to worry about heat stress. Try to plant at least six weeks before you typically get your first hard frost.

Turn Leaves into Art

Invite your children to find a few crisp leaves to begin progressively introducing them to working in the garden. You can place the leaves in a glass frame and keep them on your mantel throughout the year. Another classic art project is to trace around the leaves on construction paper and then decorate the sketch.

Make a Seed Journal

Keep your seed packets after planting them and log each plant in a journal. Encourage your kids to illustrate or take pictures of the flowers as they grow. That way, they’ll remember what each seed looks like when it’s sprouted, and you can resow their favorites the following year.

Decorate Pots

Purchase a couple of plant pots and place newspapers underneath them. Your kids will have a blast decorating them with bright colors and patterns. They’ll absolutely love seeing their designs each day as they pass the garden they helped decorate.

Cut Out Foam Noodles for Cages or Trellises

When you’re using climbing cages or trellises for plants like tomatoes, you can place foam noodles on top to prevent crimping. All you need to do is cut the noodles to size and slice them in half. Use a green foam tube to match the vegetation surrounding it perfectly.

Hopefully, this guide to fall gardening and how your kids can participate helps instill fantastic habits you can share with them for a long time. Honor Trading Company offers a comprehensive range of foam noodle products perfect for gardening and other home projects. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

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