Fun and Clever Uses of Pool Noodles

Fun and Clever Uses of Pool Noodles

Fun and Clever Uses of Pool Noodles

All you must do is a quick search on the internet to see the creative ways that people are using foam noodles around the house and for crafting. The ideas are truly astounding and cover all manners of life. A foam noodle is commonly known as a pool noodle, and its basic design leads to a myriad of uses.

Simply put, a foam noodle is a length of cylindrical foam with a hollow center. That’s it. So, what kind of creative ways are people using foam noodles? Read these ideas for fun and clever uses of pool noodles.

Make a Homemade Sprinkler

A cheap foam noodle and some duct tape make an excellent stand-in for toy store sprinklers. Poke holes in a row on one side of the pool noodle. Cover one end with a plastic bag and tape it shut to contain the water, and set a garden hose on the other end. If necessary, use duct tape to secure the hose in place and minimize leaking. Turn on the water and watch it spray.

Build a Wicket

Wickets (small gates or barriers) can be used for soccer practice, lawn croquet, or an obstacle course. Push garden stakes or chopsticks into the ground about two to three feet apart and affix each end of the pool noodle on a stake. Adjust the height of the wicket by narrowing or widening the distance between the stakes.

Create a Boot Stand

Forget about those pricey boot stands that keep your boots upright while they sit in the back of the closet all summer. Use a foam noodle and save money big time. One noodle does the trick for several pairs of boots. Just cut the pieces to match the height of your boots and insert them into each boot.

Make a Toddler Bed Rail

You can lay a pool noodle on the side of your toddler’s bed. Cover it with a fitted sheet and tuck it in tightly to keep the noodle from shifting around the bed, then make the bed as usual. This will keep your child safe and in the middle of the bed. This is an inexpensive alternative to a toddler bed and a solution for those nights in a hotel or a family member’s house where a toddler bed isn’t immediately available.

Make a Wreath

One of the beauties of a foam noodle is its flexibility. Bend it in a circle, slice one end at an angle, and the other at the opposite angle. Match up the ends and secure them with transparent packing or duct tape. You now have a perfect circle for starting a wreath.

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