Fun and Functional: Must-Have Pool Accessories

Fun and Functional: Must-Have Pool Accessories

Fun and Functional: Must-Have Pool Accessories

Picture this. You're with your friends and family out by the pool, and everyone is just standing around, not sure what else there is to do. Swimming in a pool can be loads of fun, but sometimes the fun could use a little boost. Luckily, there are many different accessories you can add to enhance everyone's experience in the water. Read on to learn about some must-have pool accessories that can be fun and functional.

Inflated Lounge Chair

One of the most iconic scenes in movie history features Dustin Hoffman lying face-up on a pool float pondering the boredom of his existence. While you don't have to consider a career in plastics, you should grab that same kind of floating lounge chair for your backyard, minus all the existential angst. There's nothing quite like meditating while drifting across the pool and letting your worries melt away in the sun. 

Volleyball Net

Are you looking to break a sweat and cool off at the same time? Find a floatable net that you can place in the middle of the pool, then team up with friends for a competitive game of volleyball. Everyone will have a wonderful time trying to outscore each other with volleys and spikes. If you're looking to kick your party up a notch, taking out your floating net is a perfect solution. 

Basketball Goals

Just like the volleyball net, setting up a couple of basketball goals can turn your pool into your court. Family and friends alike can join in on the fun and try and shoot or dunk their way to victory. While you can spend a little extra money on setting up permanent goals, many versions that float on the water or sit on the sides have the added benefit of being easy to move around. 

Inflatable Water Slide

With an inflatable slide, you can turn any pool into your waterpark without dealing with the ticket prices and long lines. These types of slides come in assorted sizes that range from just for kids to fun-loving adults looking to glide on into the pool. You can commonly attach a garden hose to keep them slippery, and there is a mechanism like a weight inside to keep them from tipping over.

Dive Rings

Moving down into the water trying to be the first to pick up dive rings may have been a game that's been around for a while, but that doesn't mean it's any less fun. Dive rings are weighted so that they fall to the bottom, but they're also perfect for a floating ring toss game or whatever else your imagination can come up with. 

LED Orbs

Bring disco back from the dead and turn your pool into a floating dance floor with LED orbs. These orbs have lights that can change into assorted colors and add some flair to your swims and help illuminate the water when taking a nighttime dip. They are completely waterproof, so you don't have to worry about them becoming submerged and can set the mood from a birthday party to rave in an instant.


Have you ever wondered what's going on at the bottom of your pool? With goggles, now you don't have to wonder anymore. Not only are goggles great for seeing clearly in water, but they are also the perfect protection for your eyes from chlorine. That means no more red and itchy eyes when you finish swimming, and you don't have to worry about taking any of your contact lenses out if you have them.

Inflatable Bar Floatie

There's no need to leave the pool when you need to grab that next drink. Adding an inflatable pool bar float can let you stock up on both adult and traditional beverages, so you've always got them by your fingertips. You can even add an assortment of food items on top of them so you can have a true feast without leaving the comfort of your pool. 

Automatic Pool Cleaner

Skimming out debris from your pool by hand can be a tremendous hassle. Even worse, if you forget to clean it beforehand, you can be stuck having to rapidly remove a mess right as guests arrive for your next party. An automatic pool cleaner takes all the stress and labor out of the equation. These devices are designed to gather trash and dirt buildup from swimming pools with minimal effort. They have an automated driving system and power supply, allowing them to move around the pool to pick up the dirt.

Floating Speakers

There's nothing quite like being able to rock out or relax after an exhausting day with some music playing while you swim. You can bring the tunes directly to you with the help of a floating pool speaker. Floating speakers are like most Bluetooth portable speakers that let you get music anywhere you go, except they may be dropped in the water without worry of liquid damage and offer fantastic audio. Make sure that when you buy a floating speaker, it is waterproof and not simply water-resistant, or you risk damaging the speaker if it's submerged. 

Poolside Shower

Worried about people hopping in the pool and tracking in dirt and gunk from the outside? Set up a freestanding shower on the outside so people can give themselves a quick rinse before swimming. Standard showers will connect to your garden hose, making it quick and straightforward to set up and move out of the way when you finish with it.

Pool Noodles

Not only are noodles such a classic toy around the water, but they also have an absurd amount of uses for kids and adults alike. Setting up games like Tug-O-War and tag with your noodles is a piece of cake and perfect for when you want some fun ways to occupy your time. They can also be incredibly convenient in helping struggling swimmers stay afloat. You can even sit back and relax with a noodle bent around your back. 

Stocking up on must-have pool accessories that can be fun and functional will help you focus on having fun. Don't underestimate the flexibility that Honor Trading Company's red swimming pool noodles and our other pool noodle selections can offer at your next gathering. 

We provide excellent prices on large orders and provide fast, free shipping with every transaction. Feel free to contact us with any questions about our products and grab the perfect water toy for kids and adults alike. 

Fun and Functional: Must-Have Pool Accessories

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