Fun Games To DIY on a Rainy Day Using Pool Sprinklers

Fun Games To DIY on a Rainy Day Using Pool Sprinklers

Fun Games To DIY on a Rainy Day Using Pool Sprinklers

Do you know all the fun games you can DIY with a pool sprinkler? If you want to occupy your kids on a rainy day, get creative with the pool sprinkler. Check out these fun games to DIY on a rainy day using pool sprinklers!

Ultimate Sprinkler

A regular yard sprinkler simply won’t cut it for this project. If you want the kids to have a blast the next time they play outside, spend some time during the next rainy day to construct an ultimate sprinkler. The best part is you can complete this DIY with common materials from a hardware or home improvement store. It doesn’t take long to make, and kids of all ages will enjoy this craft!

How To Make an Ultimate Sprinkler

  1. Make a large square out of four pieces of equal-size PVC pipes.
  2. Connect the corners of the four pipes with corner connectors.
  3. Attach a hose connector to one pipe.
  4. Use a small drill to create several small holes in the pipes.
  5. Use the hose connector to hook up the hose.

Once you’ve completed this simple DIY, you’ll have a sprawling sprinkler that will cover a lot of surface area. Your kids will love running and jumping through such a large sprinkler on a hot day next summer!

Pool Noodle Sprinkler

Looking for another fun game to DIY on a rainy day using pool sprinklers? You can make your very own sprinkler using pool noodles! Your kids will love seeing this DIY activity come to life, and you can make one with materials you already own.

To create a pool noodle sprinkler, you’ll need a hollow foam noodle, a skewer, a plastic bottle cap, and duct tape. First, use the skewer to poke as many holes as you’d like in the noodle. Next, use the plastic bottle cap to cover one end of the noodle and secure it with duct tape. Finally, put the open end on your hose. There you have it! You’ve created the perfect noodle sprinkler!

You can use your noodle sprinkler for a lot of fun games, including Simon Says. Have your kids circle the sprinkler and follow Simon’s directions, such as, “Simon Says, stick your head in the water” or “Simon Says, jump in the water three times.” Your kids will love playing this classic game while splashing in the water.

At Honor Trading Company, we offer high-quality foam noodles in an array of colors, including black pool noodles, so you can easily create your own sprinkler. We also offer bulk options, so you can stock up on foam noodles and use them for all sorts of fun DIY water activities!

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