Hollow vs. Solid Pool Noodles: Which Do You Need?

Hollow vs. Solid Pool Noodles: Which Do You Need?

Hollow vs. Solid Pool Noodles: Which Do You Need?

Pool noodles offer oodles of fun in and out of the water. Their lightweight, colorful, and soft properties make them a great tool in various scenarios, ranging from pool days to crafty afternoons. Along with their versatility, pool noodles also come in hollow and solid forms. With their multipurpose functionality and diverse builds, you can easily find the perfect noodle fit for your needs. Here is a short guide on hollow versus solid noodles to find out which one you need.

Water Aerobics

Water aerobics is a fun and refreshing way to work out. Whether you take a group class or enjoy private sessions in the comfort of your backyard pool, water aerobics gets your body moving. Aside from the natural strength resistance water provides, adding accessories to the workout enhances your experience.

Pool noodles add resistance, help with balance, and provide support. A solid core foam noodle will give you more resistance, weight, buoyancy, and stability while working out than a hollow one. Like weights in a gym, solid noodles intensify and enhance your training, providing you with added benefits to your exercise routine.

Arts and Crafts

Pool noodles’ foam material and cylindrical shape make them a great craft material for different projects. The best noodle depends on the craft. A hollow pool noodle makes a better option for child-proofing projects like cushioning sharp furniture edges. When you cut them in half, hollow noodles’ open interior forms a curved lip that fits perfectly around edges without customization. On the other hand, solid noodles’ sturdy structure makes them an ideal match for skeleton statues, boot holders, and padding.

Swimming for All Ages

Back in the pool, solid noodles provide more benefits to adult swimmers. Due to their density and sturdy structure, solid noodles carry more weight than hollow ones. Their added buoyancy helps keep larger weights afloat and offers more support when you sit or lean on them in the water.

Hollow noodles are a better match for kids. Hollow noodles’ lightweight build makes them easier to carry around, and they provide less force when swung in an epic noodle battle. Hollow noodles also offer more flexibility. You can bend them to create hoops and wrap them around the body in different ways. You can also tie ropes through their center to attach them to other hollow noodles to create deep end barriers and noodle trains. Noodle trains are a fun way to keep your family together as you float down rivers, traverse crowded pools, or chill in the ocean.

Deciding between hollow versus solid pool noodles and which one you need really depends on your preferences and situation. Both provide perks and purposes in and out of the water. Overall, hollow noodles equip you with a lightweight and flexible floating device with many versatile functionalities. Meanwhile, solid noodles offer a sturdy, strong, and buoyant device with various benefits in different circumstances.

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